The Bulls will move on without Derrick Rose and so should Bulls fans.

The Bulls will move on without Derrick Rose and so should Bulls fans.

I must admit, it was a heart breaking injury, and even more heart breaking to watch. And yes we can question Tom Thibideau all we want about why D-Rose was still in the game with a minute left while having a big lead. Injuries can happen at anytime, it's a part of the game. We'd have to be foolish to think that given Rose's injury history during the season that he was even 100% to begin with. But good teams find a way to work through injuries, and the Bulls will do just that. The Bulls went 18-9 during the regular season without Derrick Rose. Yes the situation is completely different now that it's playoff time.

Some look at that as a negative thing, I look at it as a positive thing. C.J. Watson is now back in the lineup, and he has proved himself during the regular season. Sure he may not be as explosive as Derrick Rose, sure he may not be as dynamic, but he is dependable and we can count him to hold his own. Now granted the level of play will only get harder down the road. And yes should the Bulls advance to the second round Atlanta or Boston will throw everything they got including the kitchen sink at the Bulls. But if we keep dwelling on how different things will/would be with Rose in the lineup, it won't make a difference.

Win or lose, it won't make a difference. The Bulls got eliminated in the conference finals last year with a healthy Derrick Rose in the lineup. This year they could get eliminated in the 1st round without Rose in the lineup. God forbid they get eliminated by Philadelphia, are we going to blame it on Rose not being in the lineup? I know I won't. The Bulls are fully capable of winning and playing at a high level without Derrick Rose, they have proven that time after time. So should Philly come back to win the series, I'd think of 100 other things to blame instead of Derrick Rose's injury.

So Bulls fans should stop panicking and focus on the task at hand. Regardless of who's on the roster, the Bulls are still on a mission. And we as Bulls fans need to support them through thick and thin. Right now is not the time to hit the panic button, but I will let you know if that time ever comes.

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