My top 10 quarterbacks of the 2012 NFL Draft.

My top 10 quarterbacks of the 2012 NFL Draft.

We all know the names of the signal callers that have entered this years NFL Draft, but all of the sports journalists in the world rank them differently. Here is how I rank this years top 10 class:

1. Robert Griffin III-Baylor: He's the fastest QB in this years draft. People don't give him enough credit for 3 reasons. 1. He played in a spread offense in college. 2. He didn't face enough strong defense's in college. and 3. Because of his accomplishments as a track and field guy, some felt he should have been a wide receiver.

But RG3's football accomplishments speak for themselves. He may have been in a spread offense but he proved himself to be a solid pocket passer in that offense. He can read defenses, has a rocket arm, and his athletic ability is the icing on the cake.

2. Andrew Luck-Stanford: Probably the most NFL ready quarterback in this years draft. Playing in a pro style offense during his college career helped him tremendously. And having Jim Harbaugh as his head coach for 3 years wasn't a bad idea either. He can read defenses, he can throw on the run, great in the pocket, he can turn broken plays into first downs, make the impossible throws, and is a leader on the field and in the locker room. Expect him to start right away. Indianapolis has said they will draft him on Thursday night, but I can assure that he will be successful.

3. Russell Wilson-Wisconsin: Most of the writers don't even have Wilson in the top 10, I have him in my top 5 and I'll tell you why.... Some people worried about how his production on the field would be when he transferred from North Carolina State to Madison. At NC State he ran a pass happy combination west coast/spread offense. When he got to Wisconsin he played in a more run oriented offense and some people thought he would struggle.

But if anything it made him better. At Wisconsin Wilson improved his pocket presence, improved his accuracy, became a more patient passer, and set a new standard for Wisconsin quarterbacks. There are some who say that at 5'11" he's too short to play quarterback at the NFL level. I think he's already proven himself.

4. Dan Persa-Northwestern: I know I'm gonna get a lot of crap for this. But I feel that Dan Persa is just as good as some of these other guys. When healthy {emphasis on healthy}, Persa is a very accurate passer. He can make throws over defenders, between defenders, and he can beat deep coverages. He also doesn't make a whole lot of mistakes, doesn't commit too many turnovers, and he has a great deal of speed. Not bad for someone who is considered a "system quarterback".

5. Austin Davis-Southern Mississippi: Probably the best quarterback the Golden Eagles have had since Brett Favre {seriously}. It's been a while since a Southern Miss QB has made some buzz around the NFL. Austin Davis has insane pocket presence. I only watched a handful of So. Miss games last year but I can tell you this, Austin Davis is not afraid to take a hit. He will take as long as he needs to before he makes his decision.

That could hurt him at the pro level, but he is great at making good on his second and third reads. He can also read defenses as well.

6. Case Keenum-Houston: I'm gonna get a lot of heat for this as well. Case Keenum would without a doubt be considered a system quarterback because of the offense he ran in college. Not to mention the fact that he didn't really take any snaps from under center and was in the shotgun most of the time. But consider this: He has the quickest release of any rookie quarterback that I have seen in quite sometime. His accuracy and touch are out of this world. And his arm strength is superior.

The only thing that will hold him back is his height {6'0"} and his lack of speed {he ran 4.82 at the combine.}

7. Brandon Weeden-Oklahoma State: The former New York Yankees prospect turned future NFL star will surprise people in the National Football League. He's one of those "gunslinger" quarterbacks but in a good way. He's accurate, he's a good decision maker, a decent athlete, but most importantly he's a winner. Don't believe me? Just ask Andrew Luck.

8. Brock Osweiler-Arizona State: Most people have him in the top 5, I obviously don't. His height could be a disadvantage for him because it could enable defenders to read his eyes and track down his passes. His height also makes him a huge target for pass rushers. But he has one of the stronger arms in this years draft, he's a fine tuned athlete, and his height does enable him to read down the field better than most quarterbacks.

9. Kellen Moore-Boise State: Moore ran a pro style offense, broke school records, he either tied or broke NCAA records, and he's a solid quarterback. He can make quick, accurate throws. He's a good decision maker, he can throw across his body which is rare for a left hander. He can also throw on the run, and he can stretch plays. The only downside for him is that the last couple of BSU quarterbacks who tried their hand at the NFL were busts.

10. Chandler Harnish-Northern Illinois: He has what it takes to play in the National Football League. However, it will be a struggle at the beginning because of his mechanics. I say he's a combination of Russell Wilson and Tim Tebow. He has the athletic ability and the arm strength, but his accuracy is a concern.

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