The power of the press pass........

The power of the press pass........

As you may be aware, I have been covering the Chicago Rush this season. I am thankful to the Rush for granting me credentials for the 2012 season. I look back at my life and realize that even though I am not a full-time sports reporter, I am still blessed to do what I am doing anyway. I think back to all of the times I've been to the Rosemont Horizon {Allstate Arena}.

All of the wrestling shows, the DePaul basketball games, and other events that I have attended over the years. One thing that stands out about the Horizon, is the fact that there is only one tunnel that leads from the locker room area to the arena floor. The United Center has four, the Sears Centre has two, but Rosemont only has one.

The picture that you see above is one that I took while at last week's Rush game.  The location is the very tunnel I speak of and just outside of the Rush's locker room. Last week was the second time I've been in the locker room area. And both times I have been humbled by being able to set foot in that area. When I think of all of the stars and legends that came through that hollowed hallway, I am honored to be able to walk in the same place as they did.

It's funny... Because before I became successful, security would give me dirty looks when I tried to even peak behind the curtain which leads to the walkway that leads to the tunnel. I did so hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous people hidden behind that curtain located just inside the west gate entrance. It is guarded at all times by an Allstate Arena security guard and two armed Rosemont police officers.

But now that I cover the Rush, all I have to do is show them my all-access press pass and they smile and wave and let me through that curtain. To be able to just stand in that tunnel, walk onto the field without protest, to take part in interviews and press conferences, it is a very humbling experience. Even though I don't get paid for this yet, it still gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I went from box seats to the press box, and I thank God for the opportunity to live out a dream. Just thought I'd share some personal thoughts with you.

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