I don't think Sean Payton understands his punishment.

I don't think Sean Payton understands his punishment.

I'm gonna keep this as short and and sweet as possible. We all know about "Bountygate" the bounty program that the New Orleans Saints ran over the last couple of NFL seasons. Gregg Williams the former Saints Defensive Coordinator was suspended "indefinitely" from the NFL. Williams was the brain child behind this mess.

Several top offensive NFL players were deliberately targeted by Saints defensive players between 2009-2011. The point was to injure these players and cash rewards were handed out for doing so. Don't get me wrong, injuries are a part of the game. But it's one thing to get hurt because of a freak accident on the field, and a completely different thing when you purposely hurt someone.

I played football for many years, I've seen things like this happen. I've played games in which my team was purposely targeted. It's something that should not be allowed in any non-fighting sport. I hope Gregg Williams get's the Pete Rose treatment if you catch my drift. And I hope that all Saints players involved are punished accordingly as well.

Now while Sean Payton did get a pretty stiff punishment from the NFL, it's obvious that he fails to realize just how serious his infractions were. In a press conference earlier this week Sean Payton addressed the media. And I gotta say it made me sick to watch it. Yes he admitted to turning a blind eye to the scandal, yes he admitted to lying to the NFL, and yes he admitted that he was aware of what was going on.

But not once did he APOLOGIZE or show any REMORSE for his role in the scandal. Sean Payton owes an apology to the NFL, it's member teams, and the fans for allowing this to happen. But instead of seeking forgiveness he's trying to appeal his 1 year suspension. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You should be lucky that you didn't get Gregg Williams' punishment!

You should be lucky that NFL Commissioner Roger Godell didn't ban you from the NFL for life. You should be lucky that you only got a 1 year suspension without pay. The fact that you sir are trying to appeal this suspension is a damn joke! You should be suspended even longer {at the least} for trying to undermine the commissioners office.

You are an insult to the integrity of the National Football League. To the fans of the New Orleans Saints, please stop with the "Free Sean Payton" campaign. Your embarrasing yourselves and your embarrasing your city. I understand Sean Payton coached your team to it's only Super Bowl in franchise history. But obviously rules had been broken in order to do so.

And the punishment must fit the crime so Sean Payton should just accept it and take it like a man. He clearly doesn't understand the magnitude of what he did, and he fails to realize that he could have been booted from the league altogether. I commend Commissioner Roger Godell for finally enforcing the league rules on something that matters.

Normally Godell dishes out punishment for nonsense but this time he got it right.

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