Why I'm not picking a Super Bowl winner this year....

Why I'm not picking a Super Bowl winner this year....

I'm not picking a Super Bowl winner this year because I honestly don't feel the need to. The main reason for doing so is because when I picked New England to beat the N.Y. Giants four years ago, I like millions of Americans were dead wrong. And I'm afraid that if I pick New York to win again, New England will dominate. My other reason for not picking a winner is because this game is much more evenly matched then it was four years ago. While New England is still a force of nature on offense, there are some concerns.

H-Back Rob Gronkowski is still healing from an ankle sprain that he sustained in the AFC Championship game so he may not be %100. Gronkowski will play, but if he is ineffective then Tight End Aaron Hernandez will have to shoulder the load which will be huge pressure on him. The other concern is if the Patriots offensive line can protect Tom Brady from the Giants pass rush. The Giants have one of the best defensive lines in the league, and 9 times out of 10 they can rush the passer without blitzing linebackers or defensive backs.

The best way for New England to neutralize the G-Men's pass rush is to rely more on their running game. BenJarvis Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead would love to get a few extra carries. But knowing Tom Brady he would much rather throw 40 to 50 passes. Now should the Pats' O-Line be able to contain NY's D-Line, Tom Brady could have a feast on the rest of the Giants defense. New York has had to shuffle their secondary multiple times this season due to injuries. And at times that has been their downfall, after all they lost 7 games during the regular season.

Also, their linebackers haven't been too reliable in pass defense either. As for the Giants offense, one advantage that they have is that New England's defense is completely different than it was in Super Bowl 42. Most of their defensive players from that game are either retired or playing with other teams. Vince Wilfork is the only defensive starter remaining from that team. New England's defense has been questionable at times this season. And with Eli Manning improving from week to week, I'm sure he would love to feast on a New England miscue.

Eli Manning is finally coming into his own and by winning on Sunday, he will be considered the greatest Manning of all time in terms of Super Bowl victories {Peyton 1, Cooper and Archie 0}. So, with all of that being said it is difficult for me to pick a winner this year. But it will a great game to watch. However, I must admit that I only cared about Detroit and Green Bay getting eliminated this year.

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