The Bears have named a new offensive coordinator.

The Bears have named a new offensive coordinator.

And that man is Bears Offensive Line Coach Mike Tice. The Bears had been searching for a replacement for Mike Martz who departed when Jerry Angelo was fired earlier this week. Rumors of Martz's departure began to surface back in November. The rumors began when the University of Arizona and Arizona State University had announced that they will be looking for new head coaches at the end of the 2011 season.

Mike Martz's name came up as a possible candidate for both jobs. Especially since Martz was an assistant at ASU from 1983 to 1991. Now while neither Martz, the Bears, or said universities confirmed or denied those reports, it has been said that Martz would be well suited for the college game. It's no secret, the only reason why Martz used Matt Forte in his offense is because he was told to do so by Bears brass.

Martz's offensive reputation revolves around a high octane passing game similar to colleges such as Texas Tech and Houston. His tenure in Detroit was well known for this scheme. During the 2 seasons when Martz was Detroit's offensive coordinator, the Lions drafted 3 wide receivers in the first round each season.

There were even reports of Martz telling the Lions running backs not to suit up for practice because he only wanted to work with receivers and tight ends. Before Detroit, Martz was the head coach for the St. Louis Rams from 2001-2005. As head coach he handled the offensive play calling, just as he did when he was the Rams offensive coordinator from 1999-2000 under Dick Vermeil.

Martz and Vermeil were credited for creating "The Greatest Show On Turf". Lovie Smith was Martz's defensive coordinator from 2001-2003.  But since his days in St. Louis Mike Martz just hasn't had the same success. After the disaster in Detroit, Martz went to San Francisco where he worked under Mike Singletary. 49ers management was hoping he'd be able to jump start the career of Quarterback Alex Smith.

The experiment failed completely. After spending the 2009 season away from football, Martz was hired to be the Bears offensive coordinator in 2010. While the Bears had some success, Martz did have clashes on the sidelines with Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith. Martz also had arguments with other coaches on the staff, and then of course there was Jay Cutler's infamous quote "Tell Martz I said F-ck him!"

But now Martz is gone, and once his departure was announced Mike Tice was believed to be the top candidate to replace him. And on Friday the Bears made it official that Mike Tice will be the Bears new offensive coordinator. Now we all know that Tice wasn't the most successful head coach. But Tice has been one of the best assistant coaches in the league since his playing days ended in 1996.

And his offensive system is more in line with what Lovie Smith and the Bears organization believes in. And this power running attack that Tice will use will make more use of Matt Forte {should he get a new contract}, and the other backs on the team. It will also take pressure off of Jay Cutler and the offensive line. Mike Tice is one of the brilliant minds in football and I am hopeful for success in 2012.

At the moment it is unknown if Tice will keep his job as offensive line coach or if a successor will be named to that role.

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