My take on this years BCS bowl games...

My take on this years BCS bowl games...

Wow, it was an interesting season of college football. And since the final games of the season were played during the last week, I wanted to give my final take on the season.

For starters, gotta give one last shout out to the local teams. NIU wins the Mobile, GMAC, oh my bad bowl.....

The 2011 MAC Champion Northern Illinois Huskies finish the season with a 10 game winning streak. They also finish with the best record in school history (11-3), and have really put themselves on the map since the departure of Joe Novak. I look for big things to happen with this NIU football team in 2012.

Now for the BCS games, beginning with the Rose Bowl:

You gotta love the chrome helmets that the Oregon Ducks brought out for this game. I gotta bet that Nike has something in the works for chrome uniforms for the 2012 season. But uniforms aside it was an entertaining game. While it was good to see Oregon win only their second Rose Bowl in school history, it was also sad at the same time. It was sad because Wisconsin lost their second straight Rose Bowl.

And both times they lost to undersized teams who have a lot more speed than the Badgers do. Plus, the Big Ten once again blew it during the bowl season. Oregon will have to replace some talent for next year. Wisconsin will be returning Running Back Monte Ball, but will need a new quarterback once Russell Wilson goes to the NFL.

The Fiesta Bowl was probably one of the more entertaining bowl games.

It was a shootout from start to finish but in the end the Cowboys proved to be the better team, proving themselves worthy of being national champions.  If only they had been able to play in the title game {Damn you SEC!}. But this years Fiesta Bowl was a whole lot better and more entertaining than last years game. Especially after all the offseason turmoil that the powers that be in this bowl game went through during the summer.

The Sugar Bowl was the lone bright spot for the Big Ten this year. {But I do give credit to Illinois and Michigan State for their victories}

The first half went back and forth, but in the 2nd half Michigan pulled away. Denard Robinson picked his game up, and the Wolverine defense stood it's ground. I'm glad to see Michigan pull this one out, especially since I picked Virginia Tech to win this one. Hey BCS computer, the next time the Hokies become bowl eligible put them in a different bowl game. VA Tech is 1-3 all time in the Sugar Bowl.

The Orange Bowl without a doubt was the best bowl game of the season.

Yes it was a blowout by West Virginia, Clemson struggled greatly in this one. But the Mountaineers broke the following records, most points in an Orange Bowl, most touchdown passes, and most points by halftime. This was also a must win for West Virginia because before this game, the Big East was 0-3 in BCS games during the last 3 seasons.

Statement win for both WVU and the Big East conference, too bad the Mountaineers are leaving for the Big 12 next year. And finally the BCS National Championship Game:

Alabama got it's revenge after the overtime loss back in November. LSU's offense couldn't even muster another round of field goals, and Nick Saban gets another crystal football trophy. It's his 2nd as the Head Coach of the Crimson Tide. LSU will be back and strong in 2012, so will 'Bama. But I still say the Southeast Conference should be investigated by the NCAA for tampering with the BCS.

Let's face it, it is impossible with the current system that the same conference gets a team {in this case 2 teams} in the championship game every year. Something is not right.....

But it was a fun 2011 college football season, I had fun writing about it, and I hope you all enjoyed reading the nonsense that I wrote. Until next season {God willing}, lets hibernate through the winter months lol.

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