Derrick Rose and his turf toe.....

Derrick Rose and his turf toe.....



Some people think it's a big deal, but it's not too bad. Derrick Rose was diagnosed with his turf toe injury after the January 10th victory over Minnesota. He had a fall during that game and landed on that foot. But so far it hasn't been too serious and Rose has only missed two of the Bulls last four games and the Bulls have gone 3-1 in that stretch. Another plus side is that Richard Hamilton is back in the lineup.

He returned from his nagging groin injury last night in the victory over the Phoenix Suns. And without Rose in the lineup, Rip is more than capable of sharing the load until Rose returns. Yes the Memphis loss on Monday was a tough loss, but it was only the third loss of the season. Plus, the Bulls are still the best team in the NBA.  The Bulls have a fairly easy schedule for the rest of the month.

They were off Wednesday, they will practice Thursday, but then have a full weekend ahead. They go to Cleveland on Friday night, come home for Charlotte on Saturday, then get to rest on Sunday before playing back to back home games against New Jersey and Indiana. The Bulls wrap up the month of January with a home game against Milwaukee on the 27th. Followed by road games against the Miami Heat on Sunday the 29th which will be on national television.

And then they head to the nations capitol on the 30th to battle the Wizards. I can easily see the Bulls going 6-1 in these next 7 games, 5-2 at the worst. How much longer D-Rose will be out is anybody's guess. But let's break down the schedule for the rest of the month: The Bulls will dominate this weekend no question. New Jersey is the third worst team in the league so that will be a sure victory.

Indiana is one potential loss but it will be a hard fought game. The Bulls shouldn't have any problems with Milwaukee, Washington is another victory, but the Miami game will be the biggest challenge for this Bulls team. Hopefully they can catch the Heat on a bad day like the L.A. Clippers and Denver did last week. Now, if they can go either 6-1 or 5-2 without Rose then we shouldn't continue to worry about his absense.

John Lucas III has stepped in, C.J. Watson has been productive when healthy, and let's not forget that the Bulls have a whole roster of players that can step up as well. So Bulls fans there is no need to panic. Just sit back, relax, and let the rest of the team do their thing. We can take a deep breath and let Derrick Rose's foot heal properly. Besides D-Rose is more valuable in April and May then he is in January and February.

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