Why Derrick Rose deserves a contract extension.

Why Derrick Rose deserves a contract extension.

Well the main reason is because of his phenomenal play on the court. His play, his performances night in and night out, and his leadership skills speak for themselves. But basketball aside, D-Rose deserves his new found financial success because he is an honorable man. Derrick Rose is one of the few "good guys" in the NBA.

As we all know, good guys in any professional sport are hard to come by. Yesterday the Bulls had a press conference at the Berto Center to announce Rose's 5 year, $94 million contract extension. This extension will keep D-Rose in Chicago through the 2016-2017 NBA season. But it's what Derrick Rose said at this press conference that stood out to me.

For starters, his family was there with him. He thanked God, said that he was blessed, and said to his dear mother "Mom, we finally made it." Usually when athletes have press conferences regarding contract extensions, you don't see family members with them. You'll usually see an agent at the podium with the player.

And once the contract is signed and the first paycheck comes in, athletes tend to go on lavish spending sprees. But that is not in Derrick's nature. When you see Derrick Rose you'll notice the following:  He dresses very professionally when following the NBA's dress code during the season. He also tends to dress to impress wherever he goes.

And when he's not wearing a suit, he's usually wearing just simple sweat pants or athletic wear. He can afford designer clothes but chooses not to wear them. He can afford the bling-bling, the diamonds, the jewels, and the rolex watches. But again, he chooses not too. So my guess is that he does a good job of saving his money.

Derrick Rose always puts his family first, he's always professional, he's good to the fans, and he is also deeply involved in charity work. He is also one of the most humble athletes I have seen in quite some time. D-Rose is a good role model for young boys. He is also in inspiration to those wishing to succeed in life.

And you have to admire the fact that he always helps those who are less fortunate, especially in the inner city. On top of all that.... He doesn't break the law, you never hear about him hanging out in bars, clubs, or strip joints. You also never hear stories about Derrick hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Pretty impressive considering his rough childhood in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago's south side. And the other reasons why he deserves this new contract are.... His work ethic, his loyalty, his dedication, and his heart. Yes he has a higher pay grade than the rest of us, but he's a professional athlete.

We can't control what athletes get paid. But it feels good knowing that Derrick Rose is one of the few athletes who cares about the city that he plays in. I look forward to another successful Bulls season, and I am praying for a championship in 2012. And it sure feels good to write about basketball, how I missed it.

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