Miguel Cotto gets his revenge.......

Miguel Cotto gets his revenge.......

When Antonio Margarito gave Cotto his first career loss back in 2008, I was pretty upset but I eventually got over it. But then when Margarito got busted for using illegal hand wraps against Shane Mosley in January 2009, I got to thinking. Could Margarito have cheated against Cotto? Was Margarito cheating his whole career?

Then after Cotto lost to Manny Pacquiao in November of 2009, my suspicions were confirmed. According to Miguel Cotto, this picture was revealed to him the night he lost to Pac-Man:

This picture was taken the night Margarito defeated Cotto in 2008. Notice the glue like substance leaking from his hand wraps. From what I understand, substances are not supposed to leak from hand wraps. On top of that, hand wraps are made of gauze bandages and sports tape. They are not supposed to break like that.

This picture is the illegal pad that was confiscated from Margarito from the Mosley fight:

This pad tested positive for plaster. According to the boxing world, a fighter would have quite the advantage using this type of pad. Aside from the plaster making both the fist and boxing glove harder, the pad itself gets harder when wet. During the course of a fight, boxers sweat quite a bit. Not to mention the water that gets dumped on them to keep them cool and hydrated.

This is an illegal weapon, then when I looked back on the first Cotto/Margarito fight I remember this image:

This was how Miguel Cotto's face looked after he lost to Antonio Margarito. Before this fight, Cotto's face had never taken this type of beating. Even when he's gone the full 12 rounds, his face never looked this bad. And even despite the beating he took from Manny Pacquiao, he only sustaned a couple black eyes:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures prove that Margarito cheated in the first fight back in 2008. So Miguel Cotto had every right to get a rematch. What makes me laugh is that even when presented with this overwhelming evidence in a face to face interview with Cotto, Margarito denied everything.

So Margarito was in for an ass kicking, and that's exactly what he got. Margarito had done so much trash talking, but once the bell rang he finally got what he deserved. One of the agreements for the fight is that each fighters corner would observe the other fighter getting their hands wrapped. Margarito was very defensive about this.

Miguel Cotto brought in Shane Mosely's trainer, Nazzim Richardson to observe Margarito's had wrapping. But his camp strongly objected to Richardson's presence. So after a heated argument, the New York State Athletic Commission was brought to the locker room to mediate the situation. Then after a heated argument with the commission, Margarito agreed to have another Cotto representative observe the wrapping.

In turn, a member of Margarito's camp observed Cotto's wrapping. Once they got in the ring Cotto proved to be faster and stronger. Margarito fans accuse Cotto of running and making Margarito chase him in the ring. Cotto just simply used the stick and move technique, the oldest technique in boxing.

During their first fight, Cotto went punch for punch with Margarito and we saw where that got him. This time Cotto used his speed and quickness to dodge Margarito's punches, and then moved in and dominated with punches of his own. Margarito tried to counter Cotto by grabbing him every chance he got and tried to land cheap punches when doing so.

During the 3rd round Margarito put on his best performance despite losing on the scorecards, but it was the closest he ever got to Cotto. In the end, the doctors stopped the fight 3 seconds into the 10th round because of damage to Margarito's right eye. He previously had 2 surgeries on that eye after losing to Manny Pacquiao.

When it was all said and done, Cotto got his sweet revenge. And he is still the Super Welterweight Champion of the world. As for what's next for both fighters... For Margarito, his future depends on the health of his right eye. As for Cotto, this was his last fight with Top Rank Promotions. And since Saturday night, rumors have surfaced that Cotto has been wanting to leave Top Rank for quite some time.

And as a result, Miguel Cotto is said not to be on good terms with Top Rank C.E.O. Bob Arum. Cotto does have his own promotional company which has had a working relationship with Bob Arum, but now it seems that Cotto is ready to promote his career on his own. There is a rumor that Miguel Cotto could make a similar agreement with Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions.

As for who he may fight next, that question has also been subject to rumors. Delvin Rodriguez who also fought on the Cotto/Margarito card, defeated Pawel Volak and is in Cotto's weight class. He has expressed interest in fighting Cotto. And ever since Cotto jumped into the Super Welterweight/Junior Middleweight division, there has always been talk of Cotto taking on the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Paul Williams, and Sergio Martinez.

According to a recent article on Boxing Insider, Cotto has expressed interest in taking on the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. That would be a fight that I would love to see and I think Cotto could win that one. I also wouldn't mind seeing a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, but Pac-Man is focused on getting Mayweather in the ring.

So in the meantime, while the boxing world sorts everything out, I'm gonna enjoy Cotto's victory. Oh how sweet it is, BORICUA!

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