Chiefs 10 Bears 3, Bears now 7-5.

Chiefs 10 Bears 3, Bears now 7-5.

There is only one positive from yesterday's Bears game, but I'll get to that in a minute. Let's get all of the negatives out of the way first:

First and foremost, Matt Forte is out 2-5 weeks with a grade 2 MCL sprain in his knee. But thank God it wasn't a torn ACL as some had feared. The offense went nowhere. If it wasn't Caleb Hanie holding onto the ball too long, it was Hanie forcing throws like he did against Oakland. Not to mention the fact that Hanie also tried to run when there was no room to run when the pocket collapsed. Speaking of the pocket collapsing, the offensive line had it's bad moments as well. The Caleb Hanie that showed up in last seasons NFC Championship game has not shown up this season when the Bears need him the most.

The running game was already struggling before Matt Forte's injury. After Forte's injury, the running game was completely stalled. And when Hanie did throw the ball, he threw a lot of incomplete passes. To top it off Roy Williams was ineffective like he was during the first few weeks of the season. That bobbled pass in the 4th quarter was the worst possible place and time for that to happen. And that's not the only time that Roy Williams has dropped a pass like that this season. And of course the turnover bug struck again.

If it wasn't turnovers, it was the offense going 3 and out. Either way, the defense was out on the field for way too long yesterday. And as a result, they gave up chunks of yards in the 2nd half. The one play that made by blood boil the most was the hail mary play just before halftime. I know they teach defenders to knock the ball down, but Chris Conte should have left Brian Urlacher alone. Urlacher had the situation under control, he was going to knock the ball to the turf. But Conte came over Urlacher's back and tapped the ball which didn't go very far.

That's when it ended up in the hands of Chiefs Running Back Dexter McCluster for the touchdown. Overall it was just a bad day, and EVERYONE had the Bears winning this game. Other injuries included Major Wright {Shoulder}. And with the struggles of Caleb Hanie, there has been talk of the Bears signing Donovan McNabb who was let go by Minnesota last week. Now in the past I would have loved to have Donovan McNabb in a Bears uniform. But these days I'm not so sure. The reason why McNabb keeps moving from team to team is because of on-field struggles over the last 3 seasons.

If the Bears were to bring in Donovan McNabb, there are 3 major questions surrounding him. 1. How quick can he learn the offense? 2. Can he give this offense the spark it sorely needs right now? 3. Who would the Bears cut to make room for him on the roster? Keep in mind the Bears signed Josh McCown to take Cutler's roster spot while he's on the injured list.

Now for the only positive for yesterday's game:

Thankfully the Lions, Cowboys, and Giants all lost yesterday. So the Bears are still hanging on to the Wild Card as the 5th seed. But this will not happen every week. The Bears need to get back in the win column if they are going to hang onto that playoff spot. But the task does not get easier from here, starting with this Sunday at Denver. Tim Tebow once again lead his team to a come from behind win, a 35-32 win in Minnesota. As much as we want to see the Bears defense feast on Tim Tebow, I'm not so sure that will happen.

Especially with the way Tebow has played over the few last weeks. Tim Tebow is starting to look like the real deal. If the Bears can bring the Broncos back to reality, they will control their own destiny. If Tim Tebow pulls out another miracle against the Bears, the Bears will need to pray for another miracle involving Detroit, Dallas, and the N.Y. Giants.

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