Another quarterback controversy.......

Another quarterback controversy.......

When Jay Cutler was traded here from Denver just before the 2009 season, it was supposed to end the revolving door of quarterbacks within the Chicago Bears franchise. But ever since Jay Cutler went down with the broken finger last month, that indeed has been the case. Caleb Hanie just has not been able to keep this Bears offense going.

Granted Matt Forte being on shelf doesn't help, but Bears fans were led to believe that Caleb Hanie is more than capable of filling Cutler's shoes when called upon. But the offense has suffered under Hanie's leadership or lack there of. Since Cutler went on the injured list, the Bears offense has only managed 47 points and have lost 4 in a row as a result. Caleb Hanie has only completed 51 of the 102 passes he's thrown this season.

His completion percentage is only %50.0, he averages just 6 yards per completion, and he has thrown 9 interceptions to just 3 touchdowns. At times he looks like he is scared to throw the ball deep down field, and after throwing all of those picks I'd probably be scared as well. He also holds onto the ball too damn long, and takes a lot of sacks.

Now granted, the offense isn't the only problem with this Bears team. But Hanie's misfortunes are only making things worse. And after his dismal performance against Seattle {another game they were supposed to win}, Josh McCown was brought into the game in the 4th quarter. Josh McCown is probably one of the worst QB's in the game.

What's next, 3rd stringer Nathan Enderle? The Bears are now 2 games behind both Detroit and Atlanta, and Green Bay is on tap this Sunday. I do believe in miracles, but I don't think the Bears will have one this season. So it's time to look to the future and if the Indianapolis Colts have taught us anything, it's that you should have a backup plan in place in case your star QB goes down.

Next year they should draft a quarterback and mold him to be Cutler's backup. If the Bears can get a Russell Wilson or a Dan Persa to fall into their laps they should take him without hesitation. So for these last 2 games I'm expecting the worst but praying for the best. But ultimately, I'm looking to see what the Bears do for next season.

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