Bears 34 Panthers 29 Bears even at 2-2.

Bears 34 Panthers 29 Bears even at 2-2.

It was good to see the Bears break their 2 game losing streak. It was also good to see the Bears offense tie a long standing record. More importantly, the Bears needed this victory because the {I can't believe I'm saying this} undefeated Detroit Lions led by "Megatron" Calvin Johnson are next on the schedule. Hopefully next week Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings can turn into Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus and stop the Decepticons!

Ok, ok, I'm getting carried away. Here are the positives and negatives for yesterday's Bears game.....

The Positives:

The biggest one being Matt Forte. He ran for 205 yards and scored a touchdown in the process. Not only was it a career day for him, he also tied the Bears record for 2nd most rushing yards in a game. He is now in the company of both Walter Payton {RIP} and Gayle Sayers, both Bears legends and NFL Hall Of Famers. Marion Barber also came out of his shell by scoring his first touchdown in a Bears uniform.

Devin Hester finally returned a punt for a touchdown, his 69 yard return marks his first punt return score on the 2011 season. He had 142 return yards on the day. D.J. Moore became the latest Bear defender to return a turnover for a touchdown. He picked off Panther's QB Cam Newton and returned it 20 yards for the score. And not only were Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher once again the leading tacklers, but every single defensive player the Bears put on the field recorded a tackle.

And the icing on the cake, Jay Cutler was only sacked once! And before I forget, the Bears also recovered a fumble.

With a victory like this you wouldn't think there would be negatives, but I found some.....

Jay Cutler only c0mpleted 9 passes, and out of those 9 passes only 1 was caught by Roy Williams. Williams has only caught 5 passes on the season and still hasn't lived up to expectations. As tough as the Bears defense was, they were unable to sack Cam Newton. They were also unable to cover Steve Smith who caught 8 passes for 181 yards, luckily he didn't score a touchdown.

But with Detroit up next, the Bears need to get their pass defense in gear. But I'm glad to report that there weren't as many negatives as there were the last 2 weeks. GO BEARS!

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