Bears 24 Buccaneers 18 Bears Improve to 4-3.

Bears 24 Buccaneers 18 Bears Improve to 4-3.

First off, let me assure you that I will have my weekly college football review up by Tuesday night. Secondly, I have decided to break away from my original format for this week’s Bears recap. So here we go…..

It was great to win back to back games this week. Granted the Bears on paper were picked to win this game anyway, but a win is a win regardless. The running game is getting stronger, Roy Williams is finally starting to make his presence felt, the passing game is more consistent, and to top it off the offensive line is getting better.  But the defense worried me during this game…… They had a 14-5 lead at halftime and almost let it slip away.

They had a hard time putting pressure on Josh Freeman in the 2nd half, they gave up a ton of passing yards in the 2nd half, and Freeman found holes in the Bears defense in the 4th quarter. Another thing that bothered me is Mike Martz’s play selection during the last couple minutes of the game. I can understand some of the plays they ran when they were on the 15 yard line, but the plays the ran from the 2 yard line just confused me.

They should be running up the middle, not toss sweeps, not draw plays with spread formations, and there is no reason to run a passing play when you’re that close to the goal line. I’m not sure what Martz’s strategy was at that point, but the Bears could have easily been up 28-18 instead of 24-18 after that offensive series. And Jay Cutler threw 2 more interceptions, luckily it didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

And after the puzzling last offensive drive, thank GOD for D.J. Moore’s interception to slow down Tampa Bay. They had made it to roughly the Bears 35 yard line before that pick. The Bears are now 4-3 as this week is their bye week. Hopefully by the time they resume the season against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday November 7th, Gabe Carimi will be back on the field. I am also hopeful that all other injuries will be healed and the Bears will improve during practice.

The Eagles had their bye week last week, and this week they play under the Sunday night lights against Dallas. The Eagles are 2-4 and the 3-2 Dallas Cowboys are much better on paper. Hopefully {I can’t believe I’m saying this…} Dallas can pull out another victory this Sunday so the Eagles will be nice and bruised when Da Bears come calling. I know Michael Vick is a great athlete, I know the Eagles are the best rushing team in the NFL, but I think our Bears will be too much for them to handle.

Even though Michael Vick is an amazing athlete, as a starting quarterback he is winless in his career against the Chicago Bears (0-4). Keep an eye on Detroit VS Denver this weekend. When the Bears resume against Philly, Detroit will have their bye week. If Detroit loses to Denver this week, and if the Monsters Of The Midway Make Michael Vick 0-5 against the Bears next week, the Bears and Lions will be tied for second place in the NFC North with a record of 5-3.

This will make the encounter between the Bears and Lions on November 13th especially epic. I am very hopeful and optimistic that our Bears will turn things around and make a serious push towards the playoffs…..

P.S. After the next Bears game I will resume my normal recap format.

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