Report: Boozer's Injury Diagnosed 'Grade 3 Turf Toe'

Report: Boozer's Injury Diagnosed 'Grade 3 Turf Toe'

Carlos Boozer's turf toe was diagnosed by doctors as a Grade III, the most severe, K.C. Johnson reported Saturday (Chicago Tribune):

Boozer revealed that ligaments on both sides of his right big toe were torn as a result of the injury suffered in Game 5 of the first-round series against the Pacers.
There are three levels of turf toe: Grade I, which involves stretched ligaments; Grade II, which is a partially torn ligament; and Grade III, a complete tear of the ligaments and joint capsule, with a possible dislocation. Boozer wouldn't say exactly which grade his was, but he did his best to explain the pain.
"The doctors said on the scale of 1 to 3, with 3 being the worst; it was a 3," Boozer said.

In the first four games of the playoffs, Boozer only scored 12.0 PPG, shooting a .375 FG% (18-for-48), but grabbed 11.5 RPG -- 3.25 offensive -- and got to the FT line to shoot 12-for-17 (.706) in roughly 34 MPG. In the last four, his volume has dropped, scoring only 7.5 PPG, shooting .412 (14-for-34) and grabbing 7.5 RPG, getting to the line for only two FTs -- which he made -- in a little over 21 MPG.

Since spraining his ankle in early March, he just hasn't had the same lift or applied the leverage to be the easy button for the Bulls offense he was before All-Star Weekend. That said, he is leading the team with a 26.8% defensive rebounding rate and showed more of a vertical in Game 3 against the Hawks than he has in about two months.
He said he has no intention of missing games. The safest bet on Boozer at the moment is just to not bet on him. The Hawks just aren't very good, so he can look good on enough possessions to notch a respectable amount of buckets. If he's bad, he's a rebounder with six fouls and Tom Thibodeau can shortens the shifts for Taj Gibson to get more minutes.
It won't heal before the playoffs end, so the value in icing could very well not outweigh removing him from the rhythm of being in action. Thibs is right to value Boozer having more playoff experience than any Bull and his valuable upside -- even while limited.
If you want to know more about turf toe, here's the Wikipedia page link.
Game 4 in Atlanta will be played on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. CST.

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