K.C. Johnson Breaking Down the Bulls Bad Defense in Game 4 (Audio)

K.C. Johnson Breaking Down the Bulls Bad Defense in Game 4 (Audio)

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune joined Dan McNeil and Matt Spiegel at "The Danny Mac Show" on 670 The Score in Chicago on Monday afternoon to talk Bulls.

He discussed:
  • the "team collapse" of the Bulls' "brutal" execution of Tom Thibodeau's defense in their Game 4 loss in Atlanta;
  • Atlanta's adjustments -- trapping Derrick Rose and bigger lineup;
  • Rose's controversial 32 shots in the game, the insane comparisons to Russell Westbrook shooting the Thunder out of games, despite no one able to score in Game 4;
  • the Hawks' better offense with more ball movement;
  • Jeff Teague's abuse of Kyle Korver's defense and what would be the alternative.
On who's to fault for the defensive breakdown, K.C. said: "It was everybody. Depends on where the ball is; depends on what side on the floor the ball's on. When you're obviously putting two on the ball, trying to get the ball out of a scorer's hands, you've gotta' recognize and rotate and recover. The Bulls have essentially done a good job at that all season.
"For the most part, when they do these [double teams] against scorer's, you don't even recognize that they've done it -- because they do it so quickly and recover so quickly. The defense is tied together in shifts and recovers, but [in Game 4], like I said, ten straight points on layups and dunks."

The interview begins around the 1:00 mark and totals around eleven minutes:

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