Derrick Rose's Lonely Moment (IMG)

When the air was sucked out of this gorgeous city for a moment, I was fixated on this. I'm not sure how happy I am that Mike Ehrmann at Getty did, too, but that he did makes him a great photographer.

I didn't need the picture for this image to be sketched my mind forever, but, well, yeah...

His postgame was just depressing. Good men holding back tears always gets me.

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  • Wow that's tough me it's like seeing a loved one hurting. You know no one is hurting or more upset than Derrick, and moreover no one is more critical of Derrick than Derrick's just unfortunate it had to end the way it did.
    Might sound a bit over the top...but I've never been prouder..or maybe better put-comfortable, being a fan of an athlete than I am with Derrick Rose.

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