Catch n' Shoot: May 8, 2011 -- Lakers on Wrong Side of History, Rondo's Elbow, Allen's Shutdown D

  • #2 Heat 81
    #3 Celtics 97
    Heat lead series 2-1

    Box Score | Recap
  • #2 Lakers 98
    #3 Mavs 92
    Mavs lead series 3-0

    Box Score | Recap
  • #4 Thunder 93
    #8 Grizzlies 101 OT
    Grizz lead series 2-1

    Box Score | Recap
  • Lakers are done (Matt Moore, Eye on Basketball). When the Lakers first lost four straight in the regular season, I scoffed at the stat that they'd never done so in a championship year. They've never trailed 3-0 under Phil Jackson (ESPN Stats/Info). And Pau Gasol is going to have nightmares about the Mavs for a while (ElGee, Back Picks).
  • The complex career arc of Dirk Nowitzki was perfectly examined by Mike Prada ( Was Steve Nash's departure the best thing to happen for him?
  • Paul Pierce (27 pts, 5-for-7 on 3s) and Kevin Garnett (28 pts., 18 rbs.) came out to be legendary with Rajon Rondo playing the game with one arm -- literally (Dan Devine, Ball Don't Lie). A warning before watching Rondo dislocate his elbow: it's gnarly:

    Yeah, he re-entered the game after the doctor popped it back in and, no, Dwyane Wade didn't hurt him by playing dirty. Wade was frustrated, Rondo gave him plenty of reason to be, both were tangling each other up pretty nasty.

    KG was 5-for-11 within ten feet in Games 1 & 2, 9-for-13 in Game 3 (ESPN Stats/Info). The esoteric knowledge that big men playing big wins games is being let out of the bag. Don't forget crediting Jeff Green's isolation defense, along with excellent team ball denial (Jeff Clark, Celtics Blog). The Heat are gonna take a lot of crap for the isolations, but Boston made the pick n' roll impossible.

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