Catch n' Shoot: May 3, 2011 -- Three of Four Home Teams Lose Game 1, LeBron-Wade Above the Rim, Z-Bo Above All

Catch n' Shoot: May 3, 2011 -- Three of Four Home Teams Lose Game 1, LeBron-Wade Above the Rim, Z-Bo Above All
  • #3 Celtics 90
    #2 Heat 99
    Heat lead series 1-0

    Box Score | Recap
  • #8 Grizzlies 114
    #5 Thunder 101

    Grizzlies lead series 1-0
    Box Score | Recap
  • #3 Mavs 96
    #2 Lakers 94
    Mavs lead series 1-0

    Box Score | Recap
  • Paul Pierce won't be fined or suspended for basically having done went and done loss his damn mine in Game 1 (Julian Benbow,; h/t: Jeff Clark):

    Speculation that this will just become a more and more physical series is brewing (Clark, Celtics Blog) after Doc Rivers called the Heat play, "cheap-shot stuff." (Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo!).

    Chris Bosh responded ( "The extreme importance of these games, it puts more emphasis on the loose balls and the rebounds and when you foul somebody you make sure they can't get a shot at the basket as well. It's a part of the game. They've been there before, we've been there before, and I was telling people earlier I think the intensity is going to go up as the series goes so we just have to be ready for more.

  • Dwyane Wade to LeBron James for the ultraviolent alley-oop....

  • The Heat didn't "settle" for jumpers so much as the Cs defense forced them (Tom Haberstroh, Heat Index). Their offense is best in transition and getting to the basket to draw a ton of fouls. The latter requires pushing the issue, the former can happen with aggressiveness, but getting FTs is imperative in this series. They can't shoot like they did in Game 1 against Boston very much.
  • Zach Randolph's Western Conference ass-kicking tour sparked Kevin Durant to say he's the best PF in the NBA after Game 1 (Kurt Helin, ProBasketballTalk). There's something genius-ly meta in all of his from KD, of which I'm just unsure yet. OKC got pick n' roll'd to death in Game 1 (Sebastian Pruiti, NBA Playbook). Amazing what happens when big guys play big instead of shooting so damn much, though (Dean Oliver, TrueHoop). When Z-Bo and Marc Gasol are shooting, it's going well (ESPN Stats/Info) because of their great two-man game execution
  • Speaking of the two-man game, the Lakers collapsed in blowing a 16-point lead that was well summed up by this:
  • Without Rudy Gay, Memphis has pushed the ball inside and it's stopping a lot less, Bradford Doolittle notes (Basketball Prospectus):

    The versatility of those bigs and the persistence of the perimeter players in attacking off the dribble are the reasons why Memphis is so prolific in the paint. [...] Everything else, plus the ball sharing, has shown up in increments. Since Gay went down, the shots have come closer to the basket, the ball isn't held as long and the number of isolation plays has decreased. It's a joy to watch.

    The ball sharing merits a special mention. Memphis raised it's assist percentage from 66.6 percent to 72.0 percent once Gay was injured. The change is difference between being at the bottom of the league in ball sharing, where the Grizzlies have resided for several seasons, and in the middle of the pack. Those numbers were down against the Spurs, but Memphis moved the ball extremely well on Sunday. They still aren't the Celtics or Jazz when it come to passing the ball, but the decrease in selfish play has made the Grizzlies that much more versatile and dangerous.

  • After Game 1, Kobe Bryant is 6-for-23 (26.1%) on game-winning or game-tying shots in his playoff career (Chasing 23; h/t: LJRotter). Including OT, he's 7-for-25, or 28% (Alok Pattani, TrueHoop). If you thought the Clutch Machine couldn't get worse than his .313 FG% on such shots in the regular season, you were wrong.
  • Without Caron Butler, yeah, the Mavs will need Corey Brewer to stand a chance, as we saw in Game 1 (Mavs Moneyball). At the risk of being trite, their backcourt's just too small to run any defense without him.
  • Shaquille O'Neal is expected to appear in Game 3, but that doesn't mean he'll play again after that, of course (Kelly Dwyer, Ball Don't Lie).
  • Udonis Haslem is expected to return to the Heat this series (Mark Miller, Scoop du Jour).
  • The first round saw a 32% increase in TNT viewers for the NBA Playoffs (Dwyer).
  • The Kings will remain in Sacramento for the 2011-12 season (AP). Kevin Johnson brokered $10 million in corporate sponsorship to keep the Maloof brothers from filing for relocation to Anaheim for now.
  • Mike Brown, Lawrence Frank, Dwayne Casey, and Mike Budenholzer are reportedly on the Warriors' shortlist to replace Keith Smart (Miller).

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