Delirious Vogel: Pacers 'Feel' Game 6 & 7 Will Be Won in Game 5 (Video)

Delirious Vogel: Pacers 'Feel' Game 6 & 7 Will Be Won in Game 5 (Video)

The Pacers enter Game 5 of their seven-game series against the Bulls down 3-1, but Frank Vogel said Tuesday before facing elimination: "We feel like if we win this game tonight, we win the series." (Fred Mitchell, Chicago Tribune)

I think it's kinda' cute that he 'feels like' that. There's a crackhead on The El sitting across from a librarian who feels like 'that bitch wants to start some shit.' Of course, that's the difference between illusory subjectivity and reasonable objectivity.
The reality is that if the Bulls win Tuesday night, they will actually win the series. That means if the Pacers lose Game 5, they will actually lose the series. And if Indy wins Game 5, they'll actually still be down 3-2 in the series and facing elimination on Thursday night in Indianapolis.
And if the Pacers win on Tuesday, but lose on Thursday, they'll actually lose the series. And if they win on Tuesday and Thursday, but lose Game 7 on Saturday in Chicago, they'll actually lose the series. The Pacers don't just have to win on Tuesday, but actually have to win three straight games against the Bulls to win the series.
Memo to Vogel: the Bulls haven't actually lost a third consecutive game since a 10-game losing streak that ended in mid-March 2010. For perspective, that 10th straight loss was coached by Vinny Del Negro, who started James Johnson and Jannero Pargo that night.

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