Catch n' Shoot: March 31, 2011 -- The 'Rip Move' Scam, Wall's Lost Mind, Inside Points/FT Prejudice

Catch n' Shoot: March 31, 2011 -- The 'Rip Move' Scam, Wall's Lost Mind, Inside Points/FT Prejudice
  • The "rip move" is a clever way for scorers to exploit a bad NBA rule with no purpose but to produce cheap points. I empathize with Royce Young (Daily Thunder), but a defender striking a shooter is not the same as a ball handler forcing his body through the stationary arm of a defender. The former is a legit foul; the latter is jockeying for position against good defense. Calling the latter a foul isn't even basketball.

    If an offensive player is initiating the contact outside of the paint, there's no ambiguity of continuation into a layup or leaner with the intention of creating a better shot. At that distance, the shot becomes less balanced, more awkward, and less efficient. The only reason for the offensive player to use such torque is to get to the FT line. "Because [Kevin Durant] is so talented--watching him flail his arms like some sort of secret handshake between him and the official, then being rewarded with one or two or three free-throws--is what makes this move so frustrating," Michael Pina wrote yesterday (Shaky Ankles; h/t: Rob Mahoney, SI), reflecting my comments to Young on Twitter.

  • Wilson Chandler -- one of my favs -- produced a monster block and ignited an epic Danilo Gallinari dunk in transition. Gallo's becoming one of my favs, now that he's no longer a Knicks. His dunks are awkward, but he knows his size and wills his way to the basket whenever he can to finish in the most efficient manner, taking whatever bump comes his way. This was a great example of this. Denver is very privileged to have received these two talented hustle machines in the 'Melo trade:

  • John Wall fucked up. Big-Z should've been whistled for those elbows, (Yahoo!) but Wall's uncharacteristically violent blowup that included punching is relatively major meltdown. Not good at all.... And Juwan Howard, WTF are you doing?!?:

  • Tony Allen done broke the dunk-o-meter. Indeed:

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