Catch n' Shoot: March 2, 2011 -- Sam Smith Hates Basketball, Spurs D Isn't Bad, FT+, Bissinger's Still Racist

Catch n' Shoot: March 2, 2011 -- Sam Smith Hates Basketball, Spurs D Isn't Bad, FT+, Bissinger's Still Racist
  • Tumblr site of the week: Sad Perk:

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    This was my second favorite Perk meme so far.

  • I'm getting to the point where Sam Smith has no credibility in my mind. He wrote that Dwight Howard "doesn't play pick-and-roll." He really wrote that. Then, that "there's a big difference between a player who can find a teammate when
    he is double teamed and a player who manages the game and involves his
    teammates," describing LeBron James as the former to sell Derrick Rose as MVP.

    I understand the LeBron point he was making, but it wasn't articulated well. Excusable. Smith's point on Howard screams to the world that he doesn't watch Magic games. It isn't a guess on a the style of a role player or relaying from a prospect's scouting report. It isn't an opinion. This was about as much of a misrepresentation of one of the uncontroversially most favored offensive weapons of one of the top-five -- if not top-three -- players in the NBA. It's like writing ten years ago that Shaq has doesn't play back to the basket and primarily relies on facing up.

    It isn't just this. Smith's basketball comments on anything and just about everything not related to the Bulls seriously screams that the only basketball he watches are Bulls games. Which would be fine with me if he didn't write on other teams and players around the league like he actually knew anything about them.

  • Speaking of D12, I may be the last to the party on this one, but Matt Moore and Evan Dunlap had me thinking:

    All #NBA players are free agents, how many players do you target over Dwight Howard, besides LeBron James? Anyone? Durant, maybe?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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  • Scottie Pippen and Horace probably should've shared money-managers.

  • I have been saying the same thing about Sam Smith for a long time.....he doesnt know anything lol

  • Sam Smith is right, Dwight Howard doesnt play pick and roll. Lets define pick and roll. The ability for the big man to either take the ball to the hole or shoot the 15-20ft jumper. Now, Howard cant do either. Great big man and would swap Noah for Howard straight up any day. But not a pick and roll type center. Which isnt a bad thing, just not what he does.

  • In reply to sloopchi:

    1.) The screen-setter spotting up for a 15-20ft. jumper isn't a pick n' roll; that's the pick n' pop. Orlando doesn't need to play pick n' pop.

    2.) That leads to what is uncontroversial: that Dwight Howard definitely plays pick n' roll. A vast portion of Orlando's offense is the pick n' roll. They don't play the pick n' pop because when Howard rolls, the 3pt shooters spot up and the help defense on Howard opens up one of those shooters. When there's no help, the roll-man doesn't "take the ball to the hole." The roll-man takes his body to the hole and the ball handler distributes the ball to that body. This is the pick n' roll. He's definitely a pick n' roll center. Again, this is uncontroversial, it is what he does, Sam Smith literally made that up out of thin air.

  • In reply to sloopchi:

    If you need evidence, Eddy Rivera at one of the elite Magic blogs highlights exactly how much the x/5 pick n' roll (five being the center, who is Dwight Howard) dominates that team's scheme and how elite Howard is at the sets:

  • In reply to sloopchi:

    Fair enough. I can see your point. Although, I have always viewed the pick and roll has having the ability to do both. Just my own humble opinion.

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