Catch n' Shoot: March 16, 2011 -- Grant Hill-Jalen Rose Uncle Tom Drama, D-Rose's Bad Shooting, Coach Scal, LOL Knicks

Catch n' Shoot: March 16, 2011 -- Grant Hill-Jalen Rose Uncle Tom Drama, D-Rose's Bad Shooting, Coach Scal, LOL Knicks
  • No, Grant Hill, Jalen Rose didn't say you and other black Duke players "sold out your race." Hill's op-ed post at the NY Times completely missed Rose's point and Rose seems to have fully acknowledged that his hate for Hill in his college days was irrational and misguided. The 'Fab Five' documentary wasn't a look back in hindsight; it was to reflect the feelings induced by the events of the time at that time of those events to better tell that story.

    I could write 750-to-7,500 words on this topic, including my personal experiences of how my image as a middle class minority raised by well-educated parents has and hasn't been in my control. Where I've benefited from my privileged upbringing and been forced to have more to prove because of general prejudices. I could make the social commentary as a whole, but that would miss the point. Rose was giving a first-hand account of being an extreme talent from the inner city with prejudices and defense mechanisms of his own. This issue is far too nuanced for a quick hit, I admit. I'll only say that it doesn't surprise me that Coach K only recruits kids -- black or white -- he can easily bully around and leave it at that for now.

  • Joakim Noah's expected to start vs. Nets on Thursday; Boozer still day-to-day.
  • A follow-up on Derrick Rose's terrible 3-point shooting over the last month or so by Matt Moore to mine from last week.

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  • Derrick's five in a row in a spotlight game eased my cocnerns a bit about his three. I just think he's fallen into a trap of overkill. Take the threes down to three a game while you're cold. If you make one take two more. IF you miss two just take one more later, and if it's 0-3 then let it rest til next game.

    As For Jalen Rose I think he's quite the talker, and anybody that schmoozes their way to the upper sanctum of ESPN, which has become a sports PR firm for the product their selling/broadcasting, and not a news organization, scares me a bit in the sellout department. I mean now he's producing his own 30 for 30 movie/documentary? Sigh. Wasn't he one of the co-producers for "the (Sell Out) Decision" ?

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I say if Rose has a good look, go for it. He isn't really taking bad shots. He's just dribbling too much to create those, I'd say, with an easy button on the block in Boozer. What bothers me most about Rose most is holding onto the ball too long on the pick n' roll. That's criminal with athletes like Booz, Noah, and Taj setting such great screens and rolling off of them so well.

    Great points on Rose's post-NBA career path. I actually appreciated his humility to look back on those feelings and recognize the source of his hate was jealousy and elements of misdirected self-hatred.

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