Catch n' Shoot: March 14, 2011 -- Boozer/MJ Art, Spurs Catchy-Shootiness Over Heat, More Karl on 'Melo's _efense

Catch n' Shoot: March 14, 2011 -- Boozer/MJ Art, Spurs Catchy-Shootiness Over Heat, More Karl on 'Melo's _efense
  • Russell Westbrook "even caught himself off guard" with a recent dunk, the AP noted. He just 'jumped and moved the ball around,' he said, before deciding to finish with a huge dunk on people to finish the possession at the 0:12 mark (h/t: Trey Kirby):

  • I endorse Team Zach Lowe on Philly's limits and the Mavs being extremely compelling. Dallas hasn't become my "favorite team" to watch, but they're up there with the Celtics, Spurs, Blazers, Lakers, Nuggets for me. (Yes, the Blazers are rising.) The Sixers have recently entered that watchability level, but more along the lines of why I love watching the Warriors and Clippers.
  • The Spurs advanced scouting of the Heat was likely how they recently blew Miami out. Lost in a lot of criticism pointed toward Miami, they haven't been getting blown out, maintaining a very high average margin of victory this season. The Spurs' spacing and ball movement created a ton of catch-and-shoot opportunities to continuously exploit in their first matchup. The two teams play Monday night and I can't wait for this game, to be honest. (h/t: Henry Abbott)
  • The Knicks' terrible screen switches. I never ceased to be amazed by Mike Antoni's teams looking so clueless on defense. It's one thing to not be very good at something; it's another to display a scheme isn't even attempted to be communicated.
  • George Karl is very optimistic about his new team and fairly and continues to generously jab at 'Melo's defense. He recently said: "I don't think there's any question that our personality of trying to get 'Melo to be a little bit more involved with how we wanted to play versus his talent, which is scoring points. There's a value to that and I have a lot of respect for what 'Melo can do for a team. I don't think you're ever going to be a bad team with 'Melo's personality, but you've gotta work around his personality a little bit. I think sometimes the team is more important than the individual. You need individual talents, you need individual skills, you need the ability to score, but we were just cheating the game so much on the defensive end of the court, cheating the game in some offensive situations that I didn't think we were getting enough team into the game  as much as we were just getting scoring into the game."
  • Goran Dragic's travel sheds light a weird provision in the NBA rule. If he landed on his right foot with the hopstep after gathering on the left, he's clear, but he instead hopped on the left 

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