Bulls Kick Kings Down and Urinate All Over Them

Bulls Kick Kings Down and Urinate All Over Them

The Bulls ran up the score on the Kings for a very important 40-point blowout.

Whether they dated back to Friday's loss in Indy or their opponent's monster comeback loss at the United Center in Dec. 2009, the Bulls (50-19) had urges and decided to mercilessly take them out on the Kings (17-52) Monday in a 132-92 ass-kicking.

Normally, it's just basketball, but there was a lot of passion throughout the locker room over the weekend and Derrick Rose expressed it dated back much longer. He zeroed out on the Kings, saying at the Monday morning shootaround, "If we're up 30, we're going to try to push it to 40, 50 points."
That's exactly what Rose and his boys did.
Six minutes into the game, the two teams were tied at 15, and the Kings never trended toward anything near a tie for the duration of the game. The Bulls' terrible defensive rotations and sloppy ball handling allowed for 28-point Sacramento quarter, but the Bulls posted one of 34 points. After beginning the second quarter with a 9-2 run, the Bulls stomped hard to take a 62-47 lead into the half. And it only got worse for the Sucks-cramento Queens.
The Bulls closed out the 34-point third quarter with a monstrous 98-72 lead and the reserves gave the starters a fourth-quarter rest. But the bench showed no mercy, posting a 34--point quarter that included runs of 6-0 and 7-1 before scoring the final 10 points of the game for the 40-point blowout to extend the Bulls winning streak at the UC to 13 games.
  • Eight Bulls scored in double figures, led by 18 points from Rose and Kyle Korver. Luol Deng (17), Carlos Boozer (16), Keith Bogans (15), Joakim Noah (14), Omer Asik (14), and C.J. Watson (11) followed in stride -- all with highly efficient shooting nights. Bear in mind that this was Boozer's first game back from missing five with a sprained ankle and Deng missed shootaround with a deep thigh bruise that's nagged him for a week.

    "I loved the balance," Tom Thibodeau said after the game with a smile. (Fred Mitchell, Chicago Tribune) "We were inside-out ... the ball's moving, sharing the ball, making the extra pass. The start of the game was not what we wanted. Everything else, as the game went on, we got better and better. But you've got to be concerned with measuring a game. You have to come out and you have to put a lot into it right from the start."

    Only Taj Gibson (0-for-1) with turf toe and Rasual Butler (0-for-1) in a Korver-Watson-Asik-dominated garbage time finished with FG rates under 50%. Besides those two, the lowest TS% on the night was Ronnie Brewer's .643

  • The Bulls broke the advanced box score. They shot 25-for-50 on jumpers and 13-for-19 on layups, according to CBSSports.com. With a .613 FG% (49-for-80) and .706 3P% (12-for-17), the Bulls posted a .688 eFG%, posted an insane 143.3 Offensive Rating, and dished 34 assists -- all season-highs.
  • The Queens layed hot potato all night. Kent McDill reported at NBA.com: "The Kings, one of the worst teams in the league in terms of turnovers, had 10 miscues after just 16 minutes of playing time, and seven of those were on steals by the Bulls. The Kings finished with 22 turnovers and the Bulls had a season-high 16 steals"

    The steals contributed to the ass-kicking, floor-running, high-flying 36 fastbreak points for the Bulls. "The more we can get into the open floor, the better," Thibs said "Getting the easy baskets makes the game easier."

  • The Princes did score 22 off the bench... on 4-for-22 shooting.
  • The Bulls had nine dunks on the night. Instead of more analysis, here's some Dunk Porn:

    Rose's double-pump reverse jam on the fastbreak in the 1st quarter:

    Watson, being the only Bulls guard who can toss a good lob, hoisted a perfect one to Ronnie Brewer for the fastbreak alley-oop:

    Oh, I was wrong; Bogans can lob it up, too. He got the assist on Rose's gorgeously violent alley-oop:

  • Omer went 6-for-6 from the floor -- all dunks. You have to be in awe of how this big man runs the floor on every possession. Good to see him finally get fed with good position for a slam. There were dunks where he better embarrassed the Queens, but I can't find them posted, so I'll give you this:

    And he, well, shoved his nuts in Jason Thompson's face:

    omer nuts jason thompson.jpg

    GO OMER!!!

  • Thibs became the first Bulls coach since Phil Jackson in 1997-98 to win at least 50 games in a season. Yes, he's only coached 69 games, but no head coach has a higher W-L% in NBA history than Thibs' .725.

    The first thing out of Thibs' mouth in the post-game conference was: "I didn't like our defense in the first half."

    thibs disgust.jpg

    dude, chill. a pill, a stiff drink, a hooker, something.

  • It's basketball-stupid to devalue blowing out terrible teams. Teams' records against awful teams and the frequency of blowing teams out are far and beyond historically more indicative of a team's chances to win an NBA championship than their records in close games and against elite teams. That's a fact.
    garcia head towel.jpg

    know your role, son!

    Also, blowouts are a chance to get some late-game rest. Rose recently expressed he's "beat up" as the grind of the season is taking a toll, while only three players across the league logged more minutes that Deng's 2,712 this season. The two played 28:06 and 33:03, respectively, with Boozer logging 25:34 in his return and Noah -- eeriely -- the exact same amount of PT as Rose.

    At the same time, Thibs managed to not play anyone off the bench longer than 19:54 (Korver and Asik), as Butler and Kurt Thomas came out for garbage time shortly after the five-minute-remaining mark of the game.

    Monday's win wasn't a dramatic game to leadoff Sportscenter, but was one of the more important for the Bulls this season, considering what's ahead and what's at stake.

The Bulls are 12-6 in the tail-end of back-to-backs this season, having played the most of such sets this season. The variable of traveling to the next stop, that stop being on the road, and that place being the fifth-seed Hawks (40-30) doesn't give an inch to get the mile. Monday's rest after the catharsis marginalizes all that's in the Bulls' way.
The Bulls should win in Atlanta on Thursday, but again, there are intangibles against them to put the odds near enough to a coin flip that a close loss wouldn't be shocking. That said, the Celtics (50-19) closed out Monday's 96-86 win over the Knicks on a 23-4 run to remain tied with the Bulls for the top East seed -- still owning the tiebreaker.
"After visiting Atlanta and hosting Memphis on Friday, the Bulls play five consecutive games against teams with losing records," McDill added. The significance of beating the shit out of bad teams just went up.
Advanced Stats via Basketball-Reference.

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  • Omer giving the Kings the knutt-shot. Luv it! And no one can say Thibs was trying to run up the score. The Bulls reserves outscored the Kings reserves by 30 freaking points. The Kings played doormats and the Bulls stepped on them the way they were supposed to.

  • Is that 6-3 on the tail end of back-to-backs on the road? They've played more than 9 back-to-backs.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Thanks, it's 12-6 on no days rest, overall. Some numbers mixed up in my head. I edited the post. At one glance, they're 3-4 on the road on zero days rest.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    "And he, well..," nice comedic writing/delivery albeit at Jason Thompson's expense. He and Cousins looked like Dumb and Dumber on defense all game. But who's Jim Carey? The Omer driving dunk with his one palming hand raised like a scepter of doom before dropping the Turkish Hammer was just filthy good. Omer you rule.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    i REALLY want a video of the aforementioned dunk. ive been searching for it since the game ended and i still cant find it. can you or anyone else post it?

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