Boozer Allegedly Scammed $1 Million by Haiti Reconstruction Company

Boozer Allegedly Scammed $1 Million by Haiti Reconstruction Company

Carlos Boozer invested $1 million to InnoVida, a company which manufactures building materials, after meeting CEO Claudio Osorio through his tailor. The company was involved with future post-earthquake Haiti reconstruction efforts and a lot of money is missing, Kelly Dwyer wrote Friday at "Ball Don't Lie":

Last week, as a result of a court order, an attorney named Mark Meland took over receivership of a Miami-based manufacturing company named InnoVida.
And, according to the South Florida Business Journal, the company had been doing something altogether unseemly with a great deal of money sent its way ostensibly to help with various reconstruction plans in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.
InnoVido moved $37.5 million offshore, but has been delinquent on its liabilities, Meland filed with the court. "Meland reported that Osorio had not answered questions about where the money in the accounts had gone... but he had so far been unable to find out what happened to the money," Paul Brinkmann reported Thursday at The Journal. Dwyer continued:
At some point on Friday, the CEO of InnoVida, Claudio Osorio, will sit down for a taped deposition in front of prosecutors who would like to know where all that money went.
Boozer may file suit with against InnoVida or Osorio, according to the court order. Former NBA players Alonzo Mourning and Howard Eisley were also reported as allegedly scammed investors. Separately, Mourning's been active in non-profit measures to aid Haiti since the earthquake through his NGO, Alonzo Mourning Charities.
I'm a militant atheist, but people like Osorio make me hope I'm very wrong and there's a special place in hell for the likes of him. Allegedly of those likes, of course.

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  • That entire country is so incompetent. I want back the 75cents I donate after the earthquake.

  • Mourning kidney tragedy/sympathy card and charities aside to me nonetheless is one of the biggest cheap shot, phony spin doctors I've ever had the displeasure to ever see put on a uniform. Another one of Pat Riley's cheap shot minions except unlike a Derek Harper this guy was already a jag even before Riley got his hands on him. I feel sorry for anyone who has serious health concerns, but that doesn't innoculate them from being an a-hole nor does well publicized charity work. Sorry, seeing 'Zo" and the somewhat phony gladhander in Boozer bilked won't elicit anything but crocodile tears from me. Though Boozer I do pity somewhat as he despite his faults has shown me nothing to indicate he is on the d-bag level as Mourning.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Well, remember how these companies get the bulk of their assets in situations like this. They use private investment dollars to validate "public" integrity to get international "public" money and reconstruction aid -- either directly or indirectly through construction/development contractors. If I was unclear, sorry, but that's what I meant with my "special place in hell" comment; it really wasn't related to scamming the athletes.

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