Thibs: 'I Want to Pick Up Pace' When Noah Returns (Video)

Thibs: 'I Want to Pick Up Pace' When Noah Returns (Video)

A missing piece to the Bulls' executing Tom Thibodeau's offensive philosophy of using defensive stops and force turnovers to run the floor and create easy buckets in transition. Joakim Noah is not only the team's best rebounder, but their best big outlet passer.

While speaking to the media on a practice day, Thibodeau noted how Noah's return will contribute to more efficient offense by igniting more breaks, K.C. Johnson reported Tuesday at the Chicago Tribune:

Of all the myriad reasons the Bulls are excited for Joakim Noah's imminent return, coach Tom Thibodeau offered perhaps the biggest.

"I want to pick up the pace," Thibodeau said.

Between Noah's rebounding and ability to run the floor, the Bulls theoretically should alter the trend that has taken root since Noah succumbed to thumb surgery. Entering Tuesday, the Bulls have had single-digit fast-break points in 15 of the 28 games Noah has missed.

"We can't have Derrick (Rose) be the only guy on the break," Thibodeau said. "We have to consistently run the floor. We did it well early in the season. And we've sort of slowed down as a team." also posted some cool video -- clearly, for nerds like me -- of Noah practicing his post game with Brian Scalabrine:

Noah expressed concern with his conditioning and he's a bit less agile. Also, seeming better with his left, the video shows there's probably still a degree of tenderness limiting how effective he can finish with the dominant right hand on which he had surgery. But working out like this definitely has him on a fast track to being an impact pretty fast.

Noah is scheduled to return to the rotation Nov. 23 in Toronto, the Bulls' first game after All-Star Weekend.

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  • great videos! Thanks

  • Nice vids. Tom does what a good leader has to do - lie. This is a statement game. But it's up to him and his team not to overly declare it, but show it on the court. Let the players/leaders like Rose admit that yes this is an important game against an elite team. But Tom's job is to leave it up to the team to make that statement on and off the court. And it reinforces the idea that he expects them to be making a statement with their effort and execution every night. Not just on TNT.

    Guaranteed during this game the energy of both he and his Bulls team will be off the charts. That is if they are the winners we now believe them to be.

    And the footage of Jo practicing his post game/moves.. outstanding. It's all the hours of toiling away refining your game that allow you to succeed. And a good effort defending/bodying him up by Scal. Nice.

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