Smith: Rose's Teammate-iness Prevented Great All-Star Performance

Smith: Rose's Teammate-iness Prevented Great All-Star Performance

Toward the end of the first quarter, I lost all interest in the All-Star Game and just quit watching. Derrick Rose had 11 points on 5-for-13 shooting and five assists in almost 30 minutes of play. You can judge that for what you will. (Box Score)

Rose isn't really into this type of game, for reasons undeclared on the record, but Sam Smith's handjob is a bit over the top:

Part of the issue is he can be too good a teammate. We see that with
the Bulls at times as he's prone to start games slowly, unlike the Spurs
game before the All-Star break last week when Rose exploded into the
game and scored his career high 42 points.

Rose mostly looks to get teammates going, play the traditional point
guard role, and then the Bulls fall behind. So he pushes hard in the
second half and the Bulls win.

Who the hell says this to explain why a guy scores 11 on 13 shots in 30 minutes?

I like you, Sam. I like you a lot. You're a solid reporter, a smart
basketball man, and something of an institution in my basketball world,
but really? "Too good a teammate" to have an impressive All-Star Game?
Readers get what you're saying there, but this hyperbole was meant to be
humorous, right?

Also, didn't the East fall behind in the first half? Way behind?

My point is that if Rose dropped 25 points and 12 dimes, Smith (and a ton of other bloggers and marquee columnists) would write something along the lines of, 'I mean, seriously, how is he not MVP?!? Look at what he did against the best in the game!!!'

drose melo d.jpg

nice d, melo. now, the other way.

That Rose said he got to rest on offense was good. This is what most players are supposed to do on offense, but the Bulls don't run plays for him to get that rest, as Rose notes in Smith's post.

It was one game that was apparently largely unimpressive. An exhibition game at that. It doesn't need apologies, just as it wouldn't need praise if he was amazing past the base-level entertainment value.

Also: The Chicago Tribune put together a cool "Rose-o-Meter" tracking Rose's ASG performance:

rose ometer asg.gif

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  • I didn't expect Rose to have a big scoring night, but I expected a few more assists. I'm not surprised about the 5 assists, though. He couldn't help it if the guys he passed the rock to either missed a shot or passed the ball to someone else. And, as should have been expected, he did defer a lot.

    He doesn't have that showboater's mentality that'S needed to dominate an ASG. I expect this to be the case in every ASG he plays in...unless the ASG ever comes to Chicago again.

  • In reply to magestew:

    Kevin Durant has a "showboater's mentality?" He's kinda' too short and doesn't give a shit enough to dominate an ASG -- nor should he give a shit. The game is geared for swingmen to score a ton and big guys getting putbacks/lobs.

  • In reply to LittleAlex:

    In the ASG? I say hell yes KD has a showboater's mentality in that type of game. The ASG is specifically for showboating.

  • In reply to magestew:

    In fact, I'd say KD has a showboater's mentality in the regular season. He's just soft spoken and humble off the court (at least on camera). Rose is crazy competitive but the ASG doesn't mean anything to him.

  • In reply to magestew:

    Yeah, I don't see that mentality from Durant at all. Examples?

    My point that's it's simple for swingmen and bigs to score in the ASG. Not knocking guys who score a lot or those who don't.

  • In reply to magestew:

    Seriously, why are people getting analytical over an all star game... it doesn't count. It's a game for the fans not the record books. Who cares if D. Rose shot 5 of 13 and only had 5 assists he was able to start and represent the CHI. He's already gone hard for the bulls this season and that's what counts not some glorified exhibition game.

  • In reply to magestew:

    This guy sucks at reporting. One All-Star game doesn't mean the end of the world or how good you are. This isn't DRose's Team, the NBA just wants to put a show for the fans to get them going and let them see their stars play. It's not to be analyzed thoroughly or anything. So All in All, you suck LOL

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