Newly Bought Out Rasual Butler 'Plans to Sign With Bulls'

Newly Bought Out Rasual Butler 'Plans to Sign With Bulls'

The Clippers bought out Rasual Butler on Sunday and after clearing waivers, he "plans to sign with the Chicago Bulls" on Monday, Ric Bucher of ESPN The Magazine reports.

The Bulls are $2.9 million under the salary cap and "are confident they can sign him once he clears waivers," K.C. Johnson added at the Chicago Tribune, though he also noted "a source said Butler also is drawing interest from the Celtics, Hawks and Thunder."

Butler's been out of Vinny Del Negro's rotation in L.A. for unknown reasons, despite their injury problems. Because of that, he's only played 41 games and scored 5.0 PPG, shooting a .326 3P%, and a .416 eFG%.The 31-year-old, 6-foot-7, shooting guard/small forward combined to score 11.6 PPG, shooting a .360 3P%, playing every game in the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons -- starting 138 of the 164 games.

Butler not likely to disrupt Thibs rotation

Of course, he shouldn't be taking minutes away from Ronnie Brewer or Kyle Korver, Mike McGraw wrote at his Daily Herald blog, "All Bull":

He's not exactly the upgrade at shooting guard the Bulls are seeking,
since Kyle Korver is a better shooter and Ronnie Brewer a superior
defender. But he'll add some quality, veteran depth that might be
helpful in the event of an injury.

I'm unsure of why he wasn't in the Clippers rotation, but it's difficult
to believe he cracks the rotation at all here in Chicago. "How is this
any better than Keith Bogans?" Doug Thonus wrote Sunday at Bulls Confidential.

The answer: Butler isn't. And Bogans is the bottom man on the four-man totem
pole at the two and three, playing the least amount of minutes on the
wings. Butler's likely to be a 13th player on the Bulls roster, dressing over Brian Scalabrine or Kurt Thomas as a 12th man on the bench for garbage time.

Other waiver options

For players to be eligible for the playoff roster, they must be signed by Tuesday. "The Bulls will be watching to see if any bigger names receive contract
buyouts," McGraw added. "Mike Bibby, Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince are among the
players who could become available."

Bibby's agent, David Falk, will meet with Wizards management on Monday to negotiate a buyout, but the chances are "slim," Michael Lee reported on Sunday at The Washington Post.
Even if a buyout went down, Lee adds that Portland, Miami, and Boston
are the interested parties. Not the Bulls and nor should they be, as
Bibby's a point guard and too small to be an improvement as a spot
shooting two-guard.

Hamilton sabotaged his one buyout opportunity. The Pistons and Cavs agreed on a deal before last Thursday's trade deadline whereby Cleveland would have received Hamilton's contract, bought him out, and placed him on waivers, where he was then expected to sign with the Bulls.

Hamiliton didn't agree to the Cavs proposed buyout, which killed the deal and a buyout option. The Pistons are unwilling to pay Hamilton's steep price to lose him for nothing when his contract doesn't expire until after the 2011-12 season.

Prince is more interesting from the Pistons because his contract expires after this season. All of the talk surrounding Bulls interest that I've read seem to always be writers' interests, as there isn't any leak suggesting such interest is credible or significant.

Stats via Basketball-Reference.

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  • Good pickup....I rather get Butler an keep Taj an Asik rather then get Lee an lose Taj or Asik.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I'm in the same boat. And, in hindsight, I extend it to the picks. Four 1st rounders might be in higher irrational demand to other teams going into the draft with the CBA expiring than last week.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Corey Brewer was just made available. I would rather try grabbing him than Butler at this point. If Bogans falls out of the rotation we have two Brewers and a Korver who can give a good mix of defense and points.

  • In reply to renzo3rd:

    Ya i really like Brewer too...but i think hes a 26% 3 pt shooter. And i think we need someone that can stretch the floor. So i dont think hes in our plans

  • In reply to renzo3rd:

    Agreed. He'd be first on my wishlist over Butler or Kelenna Azubuike. He's the only player available who reasonably takes Bogans out of the rotation. That said, it's still marginal. He doesn't shoot as well, but the length and defense could reasonably expand the rotation, situationally.

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