NBA Trade Deadline Struck: Bulls Rightly Stood Pat; Thunder Got Scary

NBA Trade Deadline Struck: Bulls Rightly Stood Pat; Thunder Got Scary

The Bulls stood pat as the trade deadline hit at 2:00 p.m. CST on Thursday. The three most notable deals that fell through were acquiring Courtney Lee from the Rockets, O.J. Mayo from the Grizzlies, or Anthony Parker from the Cavs.

Houston wouldn't budge on demanding a big, Mike McGraw of The Daily Herald tweeted. Their objective wasn't moving Lee, so much as it was acquiring a big man. They wanted Omer Asik and the Bulls rightfully didn't budge.

Lee would be perfect fit for the Bulls as an efficient shooter with size that plays strong defense, but whatever hole he fills would be smaller than the hole left by parting with Asik as he stands, his potential, and the inevitable hole that will be left by the aging aged Kurt Thomas. In all of the noise was the ignorance of the scarcity of a competent seven-footer who's athletic, aggressive, finishes well, and rebounds at such a high rate.

There was a similar was the case for Mayo, as Memphis wanted Taj Gibson with draft picks. To add to the hole-filled-leaving-bigger-hole, the Bulls reasonably saw the acquisition creating another hole on top of losing depth up front. They weren't "convinced Mayo is a good fit next to Rose" and "prefer a better shooter," McGraw tweeted. And, of course, Mayo isn't going to guard anybody.

The largest reported offer for Parker was a second-round draft pick. Whether that offer was elevated to one of the Bulls' four first-round picks over the next two years is yet unknown, but Mary Schmiit Boyer of confirmed that neither Parker nor Antawn Jamison were being moved.

The Bulls can still pick up a player bought out by their teams before
Mar. 1 and have that player available for their playoff roster. Tayshaun
Prince, who's contract expires after the season and is expected to not
return, is a name out there. The Pistons "believe that Prince is more
valuable in a sign-and-trade scenario," Vince Ellis reports at the Detroit Free Press. It's unknown if the Bulls are considering this option.

In the coming days, more information about buyout negotiations will come out, but frankly, a lot is just too unknown at the moment.

If you want to whine about it, I posted a comparison of all of the Bulls options with some stretches here. I'm surprised we didn't hear Aaron Afflalo's name, but it shows the Nuggets weren't bluffing on how much they like him because he was immune from all discussions in the MeloDrama, as well.

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  • bulls better get rip hamilton or they goin to get sweep by the knicks in the frist round of the playoff gar/pax coul f@#k asik all year long

  • Its the same story with the Bulls and the local writers.

    The Bulls DUMPED salary, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    Nobody is getting bought out. The CBA is changing so we ARE NOT signing a SG this summer. We refuse to trade BENCH depth for a STARTING SG....not very smart logic if you ask me!

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