D-Rose Just Coughed Up the Rock Again Leaving Golden State, I Think

D-Rose Just Coughed Up the Rock Again Leaving Golden State, I Think

The Bulls sucked against a very aggressive Warriors squad and left Cali with a 101-90 loss.

I won't get too deep into the Bulls (34-15) 101-90 loss to the Warriors (22-27) up in Northern California on Saturday because the game was just terrible. It was an entertaining sideshow of being allergic to the ball, but what was a close game on the scoreboard became the inevitable GSW run to create separation and take the time.

Queue: sad bench...

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GSW snapped the Bulls' six-game winning streak and took them back to a scary-looking .500 on the road (11-11). That said, the Central Division's a flaming pile of dung.

  • There were many reasons the Bulls lost, but Derrick Rose turning the ball over a season-high nine times was just insane. GSW plays a very high-risk-high-reward game on both ends, so they're 4th in forcing turnovers (14.73 Turnover Rate) in the NBA. But Rose never controlled the pace of the game to screw with GSW's timing, so he was incredibly predictable.

    Rose finished with 10 assists, but only 14 points on 6-for-15 shooting -- 3-for-6 and seven turnovers in the first half. Most of his turnovers were on sloppy dribble penetration with the intention of creating shots. Hence, the field goal attempts being low.

    "I couldn't get a feel for the game because they didn't let me," Rose
    said after the game
    . "I couldn't get to the hole. It was hard but I'll figure it out. It's
    just something we have to look at on film and see who's the open guy."

    His halfcourt defense was pretty good on Monta Ellis. It was in transition and bad help from Carlos Boozer that led to Monta Ellis just being awesome for a game-high 33 points on 11-for-22 shooting and a perfect 10-for-10 at the FT line.

  • Rose called the Bulls play "stupid." Remember when I wrote earlier Saturday about Rose's hatred for losing? He crumbled up the stat sheet after the game and threw it on the floor. He credited GSW's aggressiveness taking him out of his game. "They got everything they wanted" means 'we got outplayed.':

  • GSW rocked out for 31 fastbreak points! The Bulls transition-D was so terrible that any run of being brick-tastic was bound to kill them. And in the fourth quarter, that's exactly what happened. GSW turned those bricks into a 15-0 run.
  • The officiating downright sucked. Sure, Rose was sloppy, but there were reach-ins uncalled. Rose went 3-for-5 at the rim and Boozer was 1-for-4 within 10 feet. On those five bricks, there were two or three obscenely whistles that existed only in my screaming mind.

    Not a huge deal, but in a game this fast, for GSW to only take 23 FTAs and the Bulls only 13 is just ridiculous.

  • Memo to Bulls: Stephen Curry can shoot the rock. He finished with 23 points on 9-for-15 shooting -- 2-for-4 on threes -- to go with eight assists and five rebounds. But Ellis and Curry can't share the backcourt because there aren't enough ball on the court. *rolls eyes*

    Pretty sure this is my favorite backcourt in at least a decade.

  • Boozer had a double-double. 21 points on 10-for-17 shooting and 10 rebounds. His defense sucked. The sun came up this morning and it snowed in February in Chicago.
  • Bulls chucked bad shots all night. In the end, their lack of using the shot clock to attack the basket as much as GSW's bad spacing allows is criminal, so there was justice in the loss. The Bulls were only 13-for-19 at the rim and bear in mind that it's not like that number is skewed by fouls because they didn't get to the line.

    They stayed away from the long two enough, shooting 10-for-18, but 8-for-25 on threes is brutal against a team that can't close out on shooters. Frankly, attempting 25 threes is just lazy against GSW.

  • The streak is over. The Bulls are now 12-1 when Keith Bogans scores six or more.
  • Taj Gibson was the only impressive Bull. He finished with eight points on 3-for-4 shooting with great heads-up basket cuts all nights against GSW's terrible defensive spacing. He was a good portion of why Boozer had five assists.

    Taj also grabbed eight rebounds. He seemed to be the only player in black who efficiently hustle, as opposed to just being wild.

  • Ronnie Brewer, C.J. Watson, Kurt Thomas, Luol Deng take a seat over there. Deng had 18 points on 7-for-15 shooting, but only 3-for-8 on threes. His bricks had bad timing, as they were open opportunities to kill GSW's run. A good game from him, but variance kicked in at a bad time.

    Watson bricked all five of his shots, Thomas was sleepy, and Brewer's hustle amounted to nothing. Brewer had two points in 22 minutes on 1-for-4 shooting, only two rebounds, and a steal. And on that steal, he bricked a fastbreak dunk.

  • Kyle Korver had a solid 11 points in 23 minutes. His 3-for-8 bricking on threes is skewed by tossing up prayers in the final minutes with the game over. He provided a huge spark in the second quarter with eight points and a couple of threes.
  • Tom Thibodeau needs to manage minutes better. Boozer playing 44 minutes in a losing effort or close game doesn't bother me from time to time. Playing him so many minutes at the five with Thomas and Asik on the bench really bothers me because he's terrible at manning the paint on defense.

    GSW's run ended the Bulls' fight. It was 89-74 with 5:49 remaining in regulation. They were clearly gassed from the pace of the action, paying for not taking control of it with the ball and stopping on the other end. No reason for the Bulls starters to be in that game in the final minutes. I'm not saying, "Send a message." I'm saying the division's locked up. Everyone played like shit and pack it in for Portland.

The second week of the Bulls' five-game road trip takes them to Portland next where the Trail Blazers (27-24) are 17-7, despite being ouchy -- but what the hell else is new?

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