Catch n' Shoot: February 18, 2011

Catch n' Shoot: February 18, 2011
  • Bulls players reminisce on their first dunks. Great, fun piece at the Red Eye.
  • If you're not watching the Thunder a lot, you're missing a ton of fun. (Yes, Bethlehem Shoals wrote something good at GQ
    to negate the awful.) I was a total Thunder-hater coming into the
    season because the offseason hype that they were title contenders was
    ridiculous. They still can't rebound, their team defense scheme is
    incredibly flawed, and their offensive scheme doesn't maximize the usage
    of their strengths -- instead they resort to just running into people
    too much. But Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, James
    Harden, Jeff Green, and that crew put on a nice show almost nightly. And
    they're a hell of a lot better than I expected.
  • Nets re-offer for 'Melo reportedly on the table. It's "Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy, Devin Harris, Ben Uzoh, and four (FOUR!) first round picks to the Denver Nuggets for
    Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Melvin Ely, Shelden Williams, and Renaldo Balkman," as Kelly Dwyer summed it up.
    This looks ridiculous when you ignore that the Nets will likely be
    frontrunners in acquiring Chris Paul or Deron Williams should they leave
    their teams in the next 18 months.

    Of course, this is all
    meaningless if 'Melo doesn't agree to a contract extension for the deal
    to be a sign-and-trade. Denver's granted the Nets permission to
    negotiate with 'Melo. Anthony and the Nets owner will meet for the first time this weekend in L.A. during the All-Star festivities. The Nets are Nuggets are reportedly in full agreement and 'Melo just needs to sign on.

    A source told SI Murphy, who's been completely shelved by Jersey, 'will most likely land in Orlando,' so the Magic as a third party isn't out of the realm of possibility.

  • The NBA is "losing fans" because "white fans want white superstars," according to Luddite Buzz Bissinger. Great point if the NBA weren't actually gaining popularity at an insane rate. Racist boob.
  • C's are looking for help on the wings.
    With Marquis Daniels still out due to bruising his spinal cord in a
    very scary manner, Boston reportedly shopping Nate Robinson and Daniels
    around for a small forward or big guard. Nate sounds like a crippling
    gesture, but they expect Delonte West to be back soon and be the backup
    point guard.

    The C's are reportedly interested in Anthony Parker, but I highly doubt the price would be as high as Nate or Daniels. Because of cap limit, Boston would have to part with two players -- Avery Bradley likely being one of them -- so, I'm fine with the Bulls just backing off. That said, there really isn't a deal for Parker that works well for Boston and Danny Ainge isn't dumb.

  • Joe Johnson ducking out on a $74k custom jewelry order? This is just weird. The $120 million-man probably just forgot, right?

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