Bulls Reportedly Offered Brewer for Mayo

Bulls Reportedly Offered Brewer for Mayo

What's more stupid: the Bulls willing to overpay for a fourth scoring option or the Grizzlies turning down a cross-conference deal for juvenile "competitive reasons?"

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The Bulls reportedly offered Ronnie Brewer and two #1 picks and a #2 pick for O.J.
before the trade deadline. Even dumber and more baffling, the
Grizzlies turned it down, but took the offer for Josh
and less draft picks from the Pacers, but missed the deadline.

Worse, there's an owner in Memphis who hates basketball so much he "doesn't like doing business with the Bulls for competitive reasons" because he's from St. Charles. That's a quite the "longstanding theory" reported by K.C. Johnson at the Chicago Tribune.

K.C.'s report counters Bulls GM Gar Forman's statement they didn't want to makes a trade for the sake of doing it. "We're always trying to improve the team and we're always looking at all
the options that are out there," Forman said. "At the same time, in my mind, we don't
want to hit a single or a double. We want to try to hit a home run."

Basically, that they weren't looking to overpay or make a marginal move. After there was no deal, the Bulls expressed the truism that they weren't "convinced Mayo is a good fit next to Rose" and "prefer a better shooter." Was this just sour grapes?

If this reported offer is true, I'm afraid someone
with such power hates basketball so much to offer one
of the best defensive players in the NBA this season for a less
all-around efficient volume scorer to be a fourth scoring option, though
he can't guard anybody

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  • Ya at least the Bulls tried. Im glad they did...the Grizz owner is a idiot. If anything, he should of made the trade with us if he was from here lol But for now, im ready to slide this under the table...we dont need any problems in the locker room or anything.

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