Trade Idea: Derrick Rose for Deron Williams

Trade Idea: Derrick Rose for Deron Williams

Arguably the best or second-best point guard in the league for the arguably best-to-third-best in the league.

See how stupid this game is? Pulling trades out of your ass and posting it as the title of a post to get cheap hits?

Anywho, here's Scott Carefoot's Power Rankings at the PG position. They're as I would set them, but I'll add two notes:

  1. Salud! for putting Tony Parker ahead of Steve Nash. Parker's been underrated due to the Nashenomenon of the mid-first decade of the millennium. It's time to finally appreciate that Parker was an elite PG during that span and right there with Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and Rajon Rondo in the de facto second class right now.
  2. I'd rank the same, but keep Stephen Curry in the top ten as low as #9, if not as high as #7, but I understand the reasoning and Nash is having a really amazing season when you factor how terrible that team is, his age, personal issues, and even in a vacuum. That said, why doesn't the injury reasoning put Rondo behind Parker?

D-Rose is definitively #3. Definitely not at the truly exceptional Chris Paul or Deron Williams stature at the moment, but ascending in a more definitive fashion than the rest of the second class -- that would be better titled "Class 1A" because CP3 and D-Will are transcending NBA PG lore as elite.

Again, I'm not hatin' on D-Rose. CP3 and D-Will are just raising the serious question as to whether or not we're calling those two the best ever before the U.S. sees a new president inaugurated.

D-Rose seems to have the best chance to enter that discussion with them than everyone else, but there are arguments to inch him out of the discussion right now, while there are none for the other two. Conclusion: there are two elite PGs in the NBA.


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  • No real reason to believe Williams is any better than Rose.

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