Stomach Ulcers Could Keep Rose Out Against Magic

Stomach Ulcers Could Keep Rose Out Against Magic

Derrick Rose didn't practice Wednesday and Thursday due to two stomach ulcers, K.C. Johnson reported at the Chicago Tribune.

"It's real painful for me to eat, drink, swallow," Rose said. "They gave
me some medication for it. .. I haven't been able to eat anything, so
my energy is kind of low. But I should be all right."

Rose "hopes to play Friday" against the Magic at the United Center, K.C. tweeted.

Before getting blown out by Orlando Dec. 1, Rose expressed he's sick of them blowing his Bulls out all the time. Hopefully, this doesn't skew his decision on how honest he is with team doctors on Friday.

Even if he feels fine by gametime, I'd prefer he rest if he doesn't eat well at some point on Thursday. Playing with muscle spasms is one thing. Being malnourished raises the risk of a scary moment like collapsing, etc.

There's nothing at stake on Friday, but pride. It'd be great to add
distance between themselves and the Hawks/Magic in the top three of the
conference. But there are plenty of opportunities to do that against
this terrible division and conference.

The Bulls really only have
one other point guard, though -- C.J. Watson. That said, Ronnie Brewer
played the point in college and has been trusted to do so on select
possessions this season. It wouldn't be pretty, but if it's gotta' be
done, C.J. wouldn't complain about playing 44 minutes.

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