Rose May Have Lost Over Eight Pounds This Week

Rose May Have Lost Over Eight Pounds This Week

Derrick Rose is reportedly around eight pounds under his playing weight as a result of being ill this week with two stomach ulcers and unable to eat solid food, K.C. Johnson reported Saturday at the Chicago Tribune:

Rose said he hasn't had a solid meal now in four days. He is
surviving on shakes and smoothies, though a team official said he
struggled to swallow those even on Saturday. Rose's typical playing
weight is 213 pounds, and one member of the Bulls organization estimated
he has dropped to 205 or lower.

I'll go on the record to say it's dumb that Rose is playing Saturday night's game against the terrible Pacers. OK, he and C.J. Watson are the only point guards, but long shifts for Rose is even worse. He was noticeably fatigued, though he fought hard against the Magic as if he wasn't.

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