Catch n' Shoot: January 4, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: January 4, 2010
  • 150 players made the All-NBA Teams in the 1990s. I got 149 of them. Can you beat my score? The only player I missed was Anthony Mason, so there's one for you.... Yes, Anthony Mason.

    One of my favorite moments in NBA on NBC history was this Christmas Day game between the Bulls and Knicks, where Michael Jordan was quoted as saying Greg Anthony, John Starks, and Mason are 'unbelievably cocky' -- basically because they were nobodies. The quote was sandwiched between Jordan effortlessly dunking on a full-throttle Anthony and a Starks dunkbrick:

  • Hollinger's Playoff Odds are posted. The Bulls, Celtics, Heat, and Spurs are 100% likely to make the playoffs. With a 7% chance of winning the Finals, only those other three teams have better chances, led by San Antonio's 21.6% chance.
  • Carmelo Anthony's camp hasn't made the leak he will definitely not exercise his option for next season, only that he will not re-sign with the Nuggets -- as he reportedly told them again last week. That could mean foregoing his option this offseason or waiting out another season to get traded or enter free agency.
  • The elephant in the room: "What is wrong with San Antonio's defense?"
  • David Kahn thinks Darko will be an All-Star. Yeah, in the NBA! Yes, the NBA of the best basketball players in the history of basketball ... Of course, he does.
  • Allen Iverson hit rock bottom, but he's picking himself up in Turkey.

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