Bulls Lose Again to Bobcats in Ugly Game

Bulls Lose Again to Bobcats in Ugly Game

The Bulls allowed only 83 points to the Bobcats.... and lost at the UC.

D.J. Augustin was the Bobcats leading scorer with a whopping 15 points. The Bobcats shot 40.2% from the field, bricked all 13 of their three-point attempts, and shot only 13-for-20 (65%) at the FT line.

Derrick Rose scored 33 on 14-for-28 from the field and stretched his great recent FT shooting, going 5-for-6 at the line. The Bulls grabbed 13 offensive rebounds and out-rebounded Charlotte 44-43. Taj Gibson had six of the Bulls 11 blocks playing 47 minutes, starting in place of the still injured Carlos Boozer. The Bulls shot 50% on threes (6-for-12) and 76.2% at the FT line (16-for-21).

This all happened Tuesday where the Bulls (28-14) managed to lose to the Bobcats (16-24) 83-82.

Bulls missed backscreens, didn't box out, lost out on the longer rebounds. It was their fourth game in five days, sixth in the last nine days. They were slow, confused, hesitant, pick one. Bobcats played terrible and handed them the game and the Bulls handed it right back.

I'm still under the weather so not much in this recap, but I wrote yesterday that Luol Deng would need to be big as he was in Memphis. In a night where the Bulls shot an awful 39% from the field, Deng scored only 10 on 2-for-11 shooting, hitting only 1-of-4 threes.

deng wallace jack.jpg

pretty much deng's game against wallace and jackson

Taj scored nine on only 2-for-7 shooting, but 5-for-6 at the line. His defense was awesome, but the Bulls also allowed 13 offensive rebounds. Ronnie Brewer was such a stud, scoring 12 points on 6-for-11 shooting with five rebounds and two steals.

And when did Brewer get his jump shotback? He went 4-for-5 on long twos and just recently started knocking those down again. He shot 40% and 47% on a healthy volume in 2008-09 and 2007-08, but the shot fell off last season where he only shot -- wait for it! -- 32.2%.

OK, I'm done writing about this awful game. It was boring. Even if the Bulls won, it would've been boring. The fact that they lost made it excruciating in hindsight. I should've stayed in bed with NyQuil instead of watching that torturous crap.

Next, the Bulls host the Mavericks (26-14) on Thursday for NBA on TNT. Dirk Nowitzki was out for a while, but he's back. The Mavs are without Caron Butler for the season, but Carlos Boozer likely won't play. The Bulls beat them in Dallas for a huge win on the Circus Trip, letting Dirk do whatever he wanted, but working to shut down everyone else. This is gonna be an ugly game. Hopefully, it's a Bulls win.

Advanced Stats via Hoopdata.

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