Bulls-Heat Tickets Create Higher Demand Than Bears Playoff Game

The Bears-Seahawks Divisional Playoff at Soldier Field on Sunday is creating lesser demand than Saturday's Bulls-Heat regular season game, according to Chicago ticket brokers, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday. (h/t: Kyle Hendrick)

Tickets for the football playoff game are only ranging from $150-$500, while the basketball game tickets go as high as $2,500-$3,000, Kurt Soderholm of FrontRowChicago.com told Greg Jarrett at WGN-720 in Chicago.

I'm excited about both games, but let's be honest; the Bulls (25-12) and
Heat (30-9) are both better basketball teams than the Bears or Seahawks
are football teams. The Bears are 10-point favorites against probably
the only team they'd be favored by Vegas remaining in the entire playoff

It'll be a fun weekend for Chicago sports with the
Blackhawks playing back-to-back games against the Predators on Saturday
and Sunday on top of the great basketball matchup and important football

I like football, but if given the choice to go to two of
the three games for free -- Bulls-Heat on Saturday, Bears-Seahawks on
Sunday afternoon, or Hawks-Preds on Sunday evening -- I wouldn't
hesitate to turn down the football tickets. Going to outdoor football
games in January in Chicago is stupid. The living room is warmer, Hi-Def
gives you a better view, and the analysis adds too much to the game
watching it on TV that live NFL games actually make me feeling like I'm
not appreciating the game as much. Just my preference.

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