Bulls Apparently Need a More Hard-Nosed Bank for Airplane Poker Games

Bulls Apparently Need a More Hard-Nosed Bank for Airplane Poker Games

The Bulls are interested in Tony Allen and Anthony Parker, Alex Kennedy reported Thursday at HoopsWorld, adding "sources close to the situation say that the team is more interested in acquiring a veteran shooting guard that can be had at a relatively cheap price."

Both guards are Chicago natives who play strong defensive and neither are offensive liabilities. While Parker is a much better shooter and two inches taller at 6-foot-6, Allen is a much better defensive player who is well-liked by Tom Thibodeau from their days in Boston together:

If the Cleveland Cavaliers decide to clean house after their dreadful 8-30 start, the Bulls would be very interested in taking Parker off their hands. Parker is making $2,855,770 this season and his contract comes off of the books this summer. The guard has started every game for the Cavaliers this season and is averaging 9.1 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.7 assists.

Allen was a favorite of head coach Tom Thibodeau in Boston thanks to his work ethic and defensive intensity. League sources aren't sure if the Grizzlies would trade Allen because he's been playing well recently, but the Bulls will be players if the team does decide to shop their offseason acquisition. Allen signed a three-year, $9.7 million contract over the summer and is averaging 11.7 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 2.9 steals since moving into the starting lineup.

Every indication from the Bulls camp is that the "cheap price" is due to
everyone asking for Taj Gibson, but people making Taj Gibson money are
all pretty bad and Taj Gibson money is the same price as James Johnson's

Allen is making exactly $3 million this season, so you're talking about
James Johnson and a second piece like Keith Bogans to make a trade for
either of the two comply with current salary cap regulations.

Both could -- and probably -- definitely start were one of them acquired, keeping Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver coming off the bench. Of course, this is heavily dependent on JJ and Bogans' stock and other offers to the two teams. Parker's experience and expring contract will most likely field more offers as a rental.

This is all a good story and dependent on the directions chosen by the Cavs and Grizzlies. It's very conceivable the Bulls just end up standing pat, Kennedy added:

Chicago continues to weigh their options, but could end up sitting out the trade deadline if the players they're targeting don't become available. As I wrote in this space on Tuesday, the Bulls have a confident group that feels the team can contend even if the front office chooses not to make a move.

Let's not forget that Parker's old. He'll be 36 this summer.

Allen's only 29, but there are -- well -- issues with him and people seeking juvenile street revenge since Allen was found not guilty for aggravated battery in 2007, stemming from an incident downtown in 2005 where a man was shot. I normally don't give a crap about a guy's off-court issues and I'm a big fan of Allen's play, but my gut tells me these off-court "issues" are just too local and passionate to not be harmful.


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