A Special Salute to ChicagoNow Bears Bloggers for Their Handling of Jay Cutler's Injury

A Special Salute to ChicagoNow Bears Bloggers for Their Handling of Jay Cutler's Injury

Thank you, Barry Petchesky for being the voice of reason that definitively proves the stupidity of criticizing Jay Cutler for not playing the remainder of the second half of the Bears' Sunday loss to the Packers in the NFC Championship. His article at Deadspin is a must-read.

This is a Bulls-centric NBA blog, but I'd like to take this opportunity to salute the Bears bloggers here at the ChicagoNow network for being sensible, rational, sympathetic, intelligent, and mature in their handling of the Cutler Melodrama. The fact that CN grants us bloggers the freedom to be our own editors makes this show of football and humanity I.Q. all the more impressive.

Any one of the following could latched onto the knee-jerk stupidity of the fiery, passionate narrative of Bear fans being sore losers to torch Cutler's toughness -- if for any reason cheap hits to their blog. They could've perpetuated the illusion that the toughness that's been excessively impressive -- except when it's borderline self-destructive -- isn't in that man's game, personality, and heart.

Cheers to Tab, Bears STH, Darren Doxey, Jeff Hughes, Jeff Lewis, and Dennis Byrne.

I apologize if I've left anyone out, but it was important to acknowledge the maturity and integrity of these fine bloggers chosen by CN to contribute to the network. And thank them for great Bears coverage over this very exciting and delightfully surprising season.

Hell, in August, I said they'd be 6-10.

Here's to the Bears bloggers of CN:

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    I'm not exactly in the "I Support Cutler" camp, because I don't think he performed particularly well. But, along with others, I was pretty sick and tired of the "pussy" talk. It basically created a smoke screen that masked any discussion of his poor play and other bad decisions by the coaching staff.

  • In reply to EdNickow:

    HAHA! Awww.... Sorry, I missed it, Ed. I'm with you. Wanna slam a guy, do it for him playing shitty. No need to make up controversy with reality giving you plenty of ammunition.

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