Orlando's Big Time Blockbuster Trade

Orlando's Big Time Blockbuster Trade

The Magic acquired Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, and Hedo Turkoglu for what was becoming some dead weight.

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The recently struggling Orlando Magic (16-10) made two extremely bold trades this weekend.

Rashard Lewis to Washington for Gilbert Arenas

The Wizards feel Arenas is on the decline, but I have to wonder if even a
declining Gil is worse than what Lewis brings. Lewis isn't even an
expiring contract, owed $63 million through 2013, compared to Gil owed
$80 million through 2014. Lewis is also three years older at 31.

Gil's a weirdo. He craves attention. He's very articulate, but so
juvenile it makes you wonder how secure he is with himself. He's simply
not an efficient go-to guy, but he's too stubborn to admit that without
feeling sorry for himself in Washington. In Orlando, it's feel good about it and play awesome or get benched by Stan Van Gundy out of the rotation.

Clear advantage: Orlando

Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat, Mickael Pietrus to Phoenix for Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Earl Clark

Clearly, the Suns were sure enough J-Rich wasn't re-signing with them
this summer and Hedo wasn't keeping up with Steve Nash very well.

Vince Carter is still a good player, but clearly not a second option on a
championship contender anymore. That said, he'll perform better in
Nash's offense with more space than he did in Orlando. Pietrus will
thrive on more good looks higher in the rotation and Gortat will become a
primary interior man.

Both teams did very well for themselves with this deal. Before the
season, I figured it was clear the Suns were not a playoff team. Now,
they have a serious shot to stick around. That said, the Magic added a
more efficient shooter in J-Rich who can be a primary scorer or a spot
shooter. Though I think they'll miss Gortat, Brandon Bass has proven to
be able to play center when needed and relieves a lot of the pressure
off of Dwight Howard that's given his foul problems throughout his

Not sure what Orlando's rotation will look like, but on this team,
J-Rich could start at the three with Gil at the two and Bass at the
four. Hedo can play the one through four off the bench with Quentin
Richardson able to play the two or three, J.J. Redick able to play the
two and one, with Chris Duhon and Ryan Anderson thrown into the mix.

If the Magic's inefficiency and washed-up-looking personnel took them
out of Eastern Conference champion contention, they just re-entered that

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