ESPN Anchor Suspended for Plagiarism (Video)

ESPN Anchor Suspended for Plagiarism (Video)

ESPN News anchor Will Selva was suspended by the network for using the
opening of an article by Lakers beat reporter at the Orange County
Kevin Ding during the looped broadcast of "Highlight Express".

Ding's Dec. 26 article opened:

Christmas isn't over yet, Lakers fans.

The big game, it turns out, will be the game after the supposed Game of the Year.

In San Antonio on Tuesday night, the Lakers will be out to give themselves and their fans the much-needed gift of hope.

Here's the clip of Selva from Dec. 28 previewing the highlights of the Spurs-Lakers game:

(h/t: Jon Bershad at Mediaite for the video)
Bear in mind, there is no original thought in the words copied from
Ding's article. No profound analysis or news broken. Just some of the
poetic cheesiness to hype an upcoming game that beat reporters and TV
people love to setup the meat of the story.

"To be fair, there's only like three different Christmas-themed ledes," Barry Petchesky wrote at Deadspin.

I agree with ESPN's suspension and Selva losing his job and being
blacklisted wouldn't be ridiculous. But to say he "stole" implies that
people can own words and phrases. The 'intellectual property' concept is
rooted in this myth. It isn't just stupid. It's evil to hold the copier
liable for doing no damage to the original author.

That said, I wouldn't expect Selva to face serious harm to his career if
he actually good at his job, otherwise, in the eyes of the powers that
be. Hell, Mike Barnacle probably has the most lucrative job of his career after being caught plagiarizing. Everyone knows he plagiarized in the past and was stuck in Journalism Hell for a while because of it.

Plagiarism is an in-house issue. It shouldn't be a legal issue.

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