Catch n' Shoot: December 9, 2010

  • Four buzzer-beaters ruled Wednesday's NBA docket.

    Andrea Bargnani dropped 41 points and Amar'e Stou_emire dropped  34
    and grabbed 14 boards for his sixth consecutive game with 30+ points.
    But Raymond Felton's three was needed for the Knicks (14-9) to beat the
    CRaptors (8-14) 113-110 and win their 11th of their last 12.

    The Teddy Bears (9-14) blew a 15-point lead to the Suns (11-11) and had
    only scored 11 in the fourth quarter before this Rudy Gay three put them
    into OT. Check out the screen at the basket by Zach Randolph, who had a
    34-17 double-double and two baskets off the pick n' roll from Mike
    Conley in the final OT minute for the Memphis 104-98 win.

    The Imperial Lakers (16-6) beat the Staples Center Red Team 87-86 with Derek Fisher driving hard

    The Bucks (8-13) beat the Pacers (10-10) 97-95
    thanks to Andrew Bogut muscling in for the inbound lob that featured
    one of the defensive blunders that make me wanna barf every time. Why
    the hell is Darren Collison trailing Brandon Jennings? Doesn't the coach
    tell him Jennings is never getting the inbound. Does Collison really
    think Jennings is targeted for an elbow jumper with 0.5 seconds on the

    Here's all four in one video clip:

  • LeBron James had 33 points and nine assists to go with Dwyane Wade's 28 points as the Heat (15-8) shot 51.2% to beat the Jazz (16-7) 111-98 in Utah. More important, the Heat dominated the glass 42-28 with a 24-8 advantage in second chance points to trump Utah's 58 points in the paint. Miami's won six straight. They're tied with Orlando in the win column, but two behind in the loss column to keep them one game back from the division lead, but they stay a game-and-a-half in front the Bulls for the # seed.

    Also: Coolest NBA Action shot ever? (h/t: Kelly Dwyer)

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