Catch n' Shoot: December 8, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: December 8, 2010
  • Tuesday was Larry Bird's 54th birthday. So, I share with you all one of my favorite Bird games. He had a 47-14-11 triple-double against the Blazers, scoring 22 with his left hand. It was on the tail-end of a back-to-back where he had a 35-15-11 triple-double in Seattle. That's right: two consecutive triple-doubles in a back-to-back set. Sick:

  • The Mavericks (17-4) have won ten straight since losing to the Bulls Nov. 19. Tuesday's lamb was the Warriors (8-13). Tyson Chandler was out with a "stomach ailment," so some Afro-Franc named Ian Mahinmi dropped a 12-10 double-double in 21 minutes. I don't remember who this guy is at all. It's been that kind of run for Dallas lately. Mahinmi hot eight FTs, as many as Brendan Haywood all season.
  • LeBron went kinda' Michael Jordan on Dwyane Wade. "I hear from LeBron all the time now that I'm the worst finisher in the league now because I can't make a layup sometimes," Wade said.
  • The NBA has officially bought the Hornets and is valuing them around $300 million. Dan Bernstein discussed the rumors of them moving to Chicago as probably not having any serious weight, but concluded: "The idea of some OPEC sultan dropping another NBA team in Chicago and
    building a sparkling new arena sounds wild at this point in the process,
    but the same could have been said for the idea of a shadowy Russian
    industrialist doing the same in the Knicks' backyard." I figured the rumors were beyond stupid, but he does have a point.

    The bigger short-term picture is Jac Sperling, the NBA's Hornets administrator, "said Tuesday his assignment is to make the club more attractive to a buyer who would keep the team in New Orleans," adding: "He said it would not be wise 'to go try to find a buyer now when the asset is not performing at it's best.' " Going into negotiations with the NBAPA, the league has to be considering the strategy to contract the Hornets with another franchise with another owner cutting his losses re-prioritizing his life. Sure, the issue of re-negotiating the team's arena lease to make it more attractive will take time, but this bargaining ploy keeps it in the league's interest to hold the franchise hostage until a new collective bargaining agreement is in place.

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