Catch n' Shoot: December 6, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: December 6, 2010
  • The Spurs (17-3) manhandled the Hornets (13-7) 109-84 shooting 58.6% and at one point leading by 38.
  • Steve Nash is the shit. There's a worthy effort to out the old and in the new with the amazing point guard we're seeing in the NBA that leaves Nash out the second-yet-still-amazing class of PGs with Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, and Derrick Rose. It's only Nash's defense that keeps him out of the elite two-man class of Chris Paul and Deron Williams, but the way Nash is leading that group of LOLs in Phoenix is special in a way we might be taking for granted.

    Nash had a 20-17 double-double on 8-for-8 shooting in the Suns (11-9) 125-108 win over the DnDs (6-13). Take a look at that PHX roster and please try to tell me they're a .500+ team in the West and they have a legitimate shot at 45 wins. I still doubt they'll break 40, but if Nash keeps playing this well -- and his three-point shooting can only get better, right? -- I think he's right there with Rondo, Russ, Rose, and -- yes -- Tony Parker.

    Also: Hakim Warrick Dunk Porn... Nasty Dunk Porn:

  • The Nuggets (13-6) 108-107 win over the Grizzlies (8-13)
    was Coach George Karl's 999th win. 'Melo's terrible 13-point night on
    4-for-20 shooting was more than made up for by NenĂª's 27-11
    double-double and Aaron Afflalo's 25 pts. All five Grizzlies starters
    scored in double figures, including Xavier Henry who Memphis says is
    starting for O.J. Mayo to add depth to the bench. Mayo only having 15:38
    of PT in such a tight contest is making what was so easy to believe
    harder to believe.
  • Zach Randolph wants in on Team USA in 2012.
    Obvious question to Coach K want him? K really warmed up to Lamar Odom
    and his versatility. What are Paul Millsap, David West, Josh Smith, and
    Blake griffin going be by that time? Kevin Love and Chris Bosh should be
    competitive for those spots with Al Horford competing to be a backup
    center. The length of Kevin Durant could start him at PF limiting backup spots. Doesn't look good for Z-Bo who'll turn 31 in July 2012.
  • Chris Kaman returned for the Clippers on Friday to re-injure his ankle on Sunday.
  • Knicks have entered the list of mediocre-to-bad teams in search of a backup PG.

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