Catch n' Shoot: December 29, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: December 29, 2010
  • Yes, D-Wade dropped 40 in the Heat's (24-9) 106-98 win against the
    Knicks (18-13) for their 15th win in their last 16 -- their 16th
    straight win against non-Dallas teams. Yes, they've allowed all opponents under 100 pts in those 16 games. Yes, LeBron and Bosh both had
    double-doubles. The real story is Big Z grabbing 10 rbs in less than 15
    min. WTF?!? ... OK, maybe the real news is the Dwyane Wade's a BAMF:

    Oh yeah, Amar'e Stou_emire scored 30, but only grabbed 7 rbs, so it doesn't count when Big Z does that and Bosh has an 18-10 double-double. Sorry.... If LeBron haters, Knick lovers, and LeBron hating Knick haters want some fodder, Amar'e slammed one in his face. Of course, that's because LeBron actually contested the dunk instead of taking a play on the most important side of the ball off. (Box Score)

  • The
    Magic (20-12) went dropped 19 threes to beat the Cavs (8-23) 110-95,
    led by Gilbert Arenas' 22-11 double-double going 5-for-8 on threes. (Box Score)
  • Celtics
    (24-5) had their 14-game winning streak snapped by the Magic on Xmas
    Day, but came out to beat the Pacers (13-16) 95-83. Paul Pierce scored
    21 with 7 ast, manning the point forward, Ray Allen scored 17, and KG
    had an 11-13 double-double. Danny Granger had a Kobe-like performance with 15 pts on 21 shots for
    63 possessions converted per 100 possessions used. (Box Score)
  • Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee are reportedly on the Wizards trading block after a recent fight in front of a nightclub.
  • Marcus Camby's threatening to retire is he's traded to a non-contender. He reportedly "wasn't happy" to hear his name associated with rumored trade talks to the Bobcats.

    grabbing 10.9 RPG and 1.8 BPG in 27.9 MPG this season, but his defense
    on big men has looked really slow. Considering him a serious option for
    the Bulls stunts the growth Omer Asik is getting with his PT. Camby
    would add rebounding and blocks to the Bulls, but he doesn't rotate well
    anymore. Terrible match for the system, considering why one would think
    he'd be an addition.

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