Catch n' Shoot: December 28, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: December 28, 2010
  • The Clippers (10-22) won the fifth of their last six games Monday, beating the Queens (5-23) 100-99 (Box Score). "Baron Davis to Blake Griffin" is becoming the phrase of the season:

  • The Heat have the second-best Defensive Rating (99.9) so far
    this season, and though LeBron and D-Wade are arguably the most
    dangerous transition twosome in the league, the team's December surge has come with less dependence on transition scoring.
  • The Jazz (21-10) hosted the Blazers (16-15), but only Deron Willams decided to show up for Utah in the 96-91 loss. D-Will scored 31 on 11-for-16 shooting -- 6-for-8 on threes -- while the rest of the team shot 21-for-58 (36.2%). (Box Score)
  • Every time the Hornets play well, they induce a facepalms for about a week straight. Despite Chris Paul's 22-13 double-double and five steals, Nawlins (18-13) lost 113-98 against the Darkopuppies (8-24). The Hornets have won while shooting bad like the 42.4% they shot Monday, but Minnie shot 53.3% on only 77 shots -- 11-for-23 on threes. Michael Beasley scored 30, Kevin Love had a 16-11 double-double, and Wesley Johnson scored 24 with six threes.

    If not for a foul, DJ Mbenga would've had a three trillion. (Box Score)

  • Tyreke Evans is considering a surgical procedure on his left foot that would keep him out 3-4 months.
    As a rookie last season, he averaged 20.8 PPG with a Usage Rate of
    26.2%, shooting an eFG% of .473. After Monday, he's averaging 16.8 PPG
    with a virtually identical Usage Rate of 26.4%, but only shooting an
    eFG% of .404. Pretty clear he's been playing hurt for quite some time.
  • The always-evolving jersey number fo Ron Artest.

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