Catch n' Shoot: December 15, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: December 15, 2010
  • BBR's Player Season Finder just got a little more awesome.
  • Today is the first day when players signed new contracts between July 1 and Sept. 15 can be traded. When the NBA sector of the interwebz becomes a replicant of a cage filled with poo-flinging moneys. Here's a list of the 105 players newly eligible to be traded as of Wednesday and teams looking to deal.
  • Denver's Channel 7 made an actual report that the Nuggets agreed to terms with a deal sending 'Melo to New Jersey for Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy (whose acquisition via trade with the Pacers was heavily assumed to be with the purpose of such a trade), and a 1st rd. draft pick. The news network re-edited their story to "serious talks" after the Nuggets denied the rumor.

    The Nets did acquire the Lakers' 2011 1st rd. pick and Houston's 2012 1st rounder in a three-way deal sending Terrence Williams to the Rockets from NJ, Sasha Vujacic to the Absolutely Nots of New Jersey from L.A., and Joe Smith to the Lakers from NJ. They now have five 1st rd. picks over the next two years. Trust me, Denver wants to trade 'Melo to NJ right now, but that would require 'Melo signing off on a contract extension.

    Mr. Sharapova said, " I definitely want to double what I did in LA." So, he's striving for 9.8 PPG on 39% shooting?

    Wouldn't it be great if the Nots gamble on trading for him without an extension and being able to convince 'Melo to re-sign, just to see him sign elsewhere? I'm torn because I feel "elsewhere" would be the Knicks, but seeing one of those two embarrassed in this ordeal is awesome when you've accepted that 'Melo will be Knick. reported the Mavs "continue to touch base" with Denver for 'Melo, which implies their best young talent, Rodrigue Beaubois, is in the deal, but Denver reportedly doesn't want Caron Butler's expiring contract.... Make you understand why they haven't accepted the Knick deal including Eddy Curry's expiring deal? Denver botching this up real bad.

  • 'Melo actually played some basketball last night, too... And. boy, was he a BAMF!

    Anthony finished with a 35-11 double-double on 14-for-21 shooting against the Magic's matador-D. Orlando (16-9) lost in Denver (15-9) 111-94, despite J.J. Redick's 29pts thanks to 6-for-9 on threes and Dewey's 21-14 double-double. The Magic were out-rebounded overall 40-34 as the Nuggets shot 53.8% (Box Score)

    The Magic D took a nap. Seriously, move some feet somewhere. Hands in faces, maybe?

  • On the NBA players authorizing decertification of their union before the CBA expires in June, NBPA executive director Billy Hunter told The New York Times: "It's just one of the things we may have to contemplate, but it's pretty far off."
  • Going into Tuesday, Darko Milicic had never had a 25-10 double-double in his career because his previous career-high was 23 pts. What changed Tuesday? Minnie played GSW (9-16). Guess what happened.

    That said, the Darkopuppies (6-19) still lost 108-99. Only GSW's 3rd win in their last 17. Monta Ellis was a BAMF with 34 pts playing all 48 minutes and his teammate Dan Gadzuric finished with a +3 suck differential. (Box Score)

  • The 29ers (9-15) played the Nots (6-19) in what I'm told was an NBA game. The 82-77 score makes me skeptical with the teams shooting 40.6% and 34.2% respectively. The Nots grabbed 51 rbs and lost, FFS! As for their biggest off-season acquisition the preceded the NBA world to predict the team that went 12-70 last season could make the playoffs scored 14 on 6-for-17 shooting -- 2-for-6 on threes. But he did have 7 rbs and 2 blks. The second-biggest acquisition had a trillion. Quinton Ross almost had a 16 trillion, but grabbed a rebound and committed a foul. (Box Score)
  • The ATL (16-10) lost to the Pisspots (8-18) 103-80, despite Josh Smith's 26 pts, Al Horford's 17-12 double-double, and Mike Bibby's 14 because the rest of the team scored a whopping 23. Knee-Mac scored 16 and "power" forward Chucky V (who came in averaging 4.5 RPG) had a 23-11 double-double off the bench. (Box Score)
  • Leave it to the Rockets (10-14) to allow for the Queens (5-17) to shoot 52.5% and seven players scoring double figures to score 105 pts without Tyreke Evans. Leave it to Suxcramento to do all that and lose 118-105. Jared Jeffries had a +3 suck differential. (Box Score)
  • Toronto (9-16) played the 26th-best offense in the NBA in Charlotte and the Bobcats (9-15) shot 52% with five players scoring in double figures. Andrea Bargnani only had 14 pts and 8 rbs. Guess what happened.... (Box Score)

    This is why I'm fine with Derrick Rose and/or Joakim Noah resting out Wednesday's game in Toronto.

  • Knicks and Puppies have had "multiple discussions" about sending Sebastian Telfair to NY. It's been reported heavily as of late NY is looking to be aggressive in finding a backup PG.

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