Catch n' Shoot: December 11, 2010

  • Odd, meaningless notes: Since losing to the Bulls, the Mavs have won 11 straight; since beating the crap out of the Bulls, the Magic have lost four of five including four straight; the Bulls were the fifth of the Celtics' current nine-game winning streak; after beating the Bulls, the Knicks won six of their next seven, including six straight, before running 12 wins in 13 games; after winning six of their first eight, GSW were spanked by the Bulls to start a 2-13 run in their next 15. The Spurs spanked the Bulls and have been pretty awesome against everyone. The Heat (16-8) beat GSW (8-15) 106-84 to extend their winning streak to seven, which is completely unrelated to anything Bulls.
  • The Jazz (17-7) topped the Magic (15-8) 117-105 because Deron Williams is obscenely awesome and Utah looks like a total package. Unfortunately, Rick Kamla is also obscenely annoying.

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